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It’s My 40th B-day

*Adam and Tree saying prayers

I was born on April 18th, 1974. Today is my 40th birthday. That means one thing to me right now. I'm getting DAMN OLD! I debated writing a big philosophical post for my birthday. Reflections and lessons of 40 years walking the planet Earth... something like that. But, I don't really feel like I have much to say, and I wouldn't have time to write it if I did. Instead, I threw together a bunch of childhood photos. As I get older, I find myself looking back and wondering where all the time … [Read More...]

Soleil horse and graffiti

A Day in the Life of Soleil: Pichilemu

In case you were wondering what an 18-month-old nomad does on the road, I thought I'd share my average day with you. I wake up next to Mama under a web of mosquito net. I would really like to rip … [Read More...]


Valley Of Condors

We crossed back into Chile a few days ago. I think it's like our 4th or 5th time crossing into this country in the last year. It's our toughest border, and I hate it. So many rules in Chile. We've … [Read More...]


Heading North

After three amazing months exploring Northern Patagonia we've done something that feels very odd. For the first time in nearly 4 years, we've started driving North! Originally, when we left the … [Read More...]

Brazos Arriba

Piedra Parada: A Globetrotter’s Paradise

Just before heading back to Piedra Parada, I was interviewed as part of a research project on globetrotters conducted by a lovely French Canadian woman, a fellow gypsy-mama named Valarie Bertrand. As … [Read More...]


Dear Soleil – You pack a mean punch

Dear Soleil, You're 1 year and 5 months old right now and, to be honest, I believe you've reached your terrible twos a bit early. Yes, you're still my sweet little angel, but some of your … [Read More...]


Rock Climbing Piedra Parada

For the last couple of years, everybody down here in South America has been telling us to go to Piedra Parada. By everybody, I mean everyone in the rock climbing circles. You see, Piedra Parada is the … [Read More...]


Short Update: Futaleufu

One piece of big news this week. My amazing wife was published in the latest issue of Adbusters Magazine. This is bad ass on many levels. It's only a matter of time before this girl's writing career … [Read More...]


Short Update: Fun in the park…

Well, we haven't moved very far in the last week. Last week Soleil started getting real fussy. We thought she might just be getting sick, but it took a turn for the worse later in the week when she … [Read More...]


Back in Argentina – El Bolson

After our climbing adventure in Cochamo, (remember here), we decided to head back across the border into Argentina. Honestly, I couldn't get out of Chile fast enough. I really don't know why so many … [Read More...]


Cochamo: The most magical place you’ve never heard of

We're back from our amazing trip to the Cochamo Valley. Although I'd like to write a huge blog post about how incredible the experience was, unfortunately we're back on the road with too many balls in … [Read More...]


Climbing In Patagonia

I'm about to fulfill a long time dream that until recently I had completely written off in my life. I am going  to climb a big wall in Patagonia. I truly thought the day would never come. Six … [Read More...]


Home Is Back on the Road

It's always strange leaving the comforts of an apartment and moving back into the Sprinter. Each time before we hit the road again, we can't help but wonder how we'll fit everything back in the van, … [Read More...]


Dear Soleil – Happy New Year 2014

Dear Soleil, I have to say that your first full year on planet earth was one action packed adventure after another! Your mother and I had a blast showing you around South America. Here is a recap of … [Read More...]

Be an Ocean Guardian in 2014

Please help us take positive action and share this post with the social media buttons above. Together we CAN make a difference.   In the past few years, Tree and I have made an effort to educate … [Read More...]

Wine Tour with Barrels

The Countdown Begins….

Three months ago, when we moved into our apartment in Mendoza, we said that we basically had until my birthday before the countdown began for us to get on the road again. Well, we just celebrated … [Read More...]


An Essay on Number Two

Soleil is walking and talking. It's crazy, my baby isn't a baby any more. All of a sudden, she's a toddler. She says much more than we can understand (stupid grown-ups!) but, thus far, aside from our … [Read More...]


blah blah blah

  blah blah blah. blah blah, lotty da, lotty da blah blah blah blah... blah. -TREE     … [Read More...]


Agua – A simple request

There is something truly magical about the first time your child looks at you, and with language as clear as day, asks for something. That happened to me for the first time tonight. Soleil was … [Read More...]


October & Halloween

Time is going by entirely TOO FAST! It seems like just yesterday we were posted up in Lima, Peru celebrating Soleil's first Halloween. Yes, we dressed little Soleil Trujillo up as my favorite beer, … [Read More...]

Hippy Sol and I

Save the Boobies! Save the World?

I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant eating chips and salsa across the table from my former boyfriend, who, for the sake of brevity, we will call Dipshit.  I reached over to grab another chip when I … [Read More...]


Life is so good…

We're really loving life right now. Being posted up for a few months in Mendoza is turning out to be a really, really good decision. We have fallen in love with this town. This area is just off … [Read More...]


Sol’s Birthday Party Photos

I woke up on Sol's birthday at my normal 7am, and was shocked to see that Stevie was already awake. She was sitting on the edge of the bed making a birthday party to-do list. Apparently she had been … [Read More...]