Rejected at the Canadian Border!!!

It’s true. We were yellow slipped and turned back at customs. I will never go to Canada again. I am officially boycotting the Country! Here is the story…As we pulled into line at the border I was … [Read more...]

Treasure Lies Where Your Heart Belongs

As we said a couple days ago, we had a great time in Yakima, and it was all because of our hostess, Dana. What we didn’t mention was that we hadn’t planned on meeting up with her. We ran into her at … [Read more...]

Almost to Canada…almost..

Slowly, like a doped up turtle, we make our way North! We started this morning in Leavenworth, WA and made it another 60 miles north this afternoon to Chelan. It’s funny, before we left LA we didn’t … [Read more...]

Don’t Worry, About A Thing!

Today Dana gave us a special guided tour though the Rattlesnake Hills wine region. Dana gave us the royal treatment showing us where all the big reds where hiding. She drove us from place to place … [Read more...]

"Oh Yakima, The Beautiful…"

Yakima is an interesting place. There is beautiful wine country snuggled up against the fireworks stands on the Yakima Indian Reservation. There are estate wineries right up the road from desperate … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Little Brother!!!!!

Today is my little brothers birthday! Love you bro. TREE … [Read more...]

Back on the wine tour!

Well, this morning we woke up in central Oregon eager to get back to our west coast wine tasting tour. Cheryll and her Mom and Husband joined us for the first stop, a small winery in Central Oregon. … [Read more...]

I Miss You Jim.

Today Stevie, Cheryll and I went to Smith Rocks and visited Jim’s memorial bench. I felt sad, and happy, and mad, and… at peace, all at the same time. When Jim died at Smith rocks a couple years ago I … [Read more...]


CCompared to most couples, Tree and I spend a lot of time together, basically all of our time together, so we weren’t too concerned about spending 16 days alone on a raft, floating down the Colorado … [Read more...]

We’re Back, We’re Safe, AND We’re ENGAGED!!!!

We're back from an amazing 16 day solo trip down the Colorado River! What an experience. I guess the most exciting news to tell is, We're Engaged!!! I always knew that I wanted to propose to Stevie on … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Detour – See you in 16 days!

Photos: Stevie and the Canyon Reo folks rigging our 20 ft. raft. Tree checking gear to make sure we have everything for 16 days. Tree packing the water filter.Since we’ve been living on the road, life … [Read more...]