Back on the wine tour!

Well, this morning we woke up in central Oregon eager to get back to our west coast wine tasting tour. Cheryll and her Mom and Husband joined us for the first stop, a small winery in Central Oregon. It was a new winery, so we aren’t going to rate it too hard. We left there and drove to Maryhill where we spent the rest of the day sipping Viognier on the deck overlooking the Gorge. Spectacular!

If you’re new to the blog, our wine tour began on April 18th when we left Los Angeles. Since we were driving north to begin the Pan American highway we decided why not wine taste the entire way to Canada. We’ve visited just about every wine region up to Washington including Santa Ynez, Santa Maria, Santa Cruz, Napa, Mendocino, Applegate, Rogue Valley, Willamette Valley, and the Columbia Gorge. To date we’ve visited 87 wineries. Yes, as Stevie is fond of saying, I do consider this an extreme sport!! So far it’s been an amazing adventure and a world class education in wine. Now we have a large task looming as we dive into central Washington State, which is widely considered the hottest wine country outside of Napa Valley. Tonight I write from Yakima which alone has over 200 wineries. This is serious business and I personally plan to bring my A-game.
Over and Out. TREE


  1. Alexis Schulman says:

    you guys should submit your blog to Wine Spectator Mag.

  2. Anonymous says:

    check out Porteus if you are still in Yakima. Best Zin around, and their cabs are amazing as well. -In

  3. Hey Anonymous, Thanks for the great recomendation on Portteus. We bought a bottle of the Zin. Their Old Vine Cab was pretty amazing too!

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