Bloggin Ain’t Easy

As sad as it is, Kiki rarely “volunteers” to model for the family blog. As responsible loving parents we do what every other parent would do… We use force to bend her resistance to our will. We’ve developed a simple method for capturing wonderful family moments.

Photo #1 – Phase 1 entails physically placing/forcing Kiki into the shot. The level of family embarrassment escalates with the size of the surrounding crowd. Although not the most difficult step, do not underestimate the task. This can be fairly challenging, especially when props are involved.
Photo #2 – Once placed, phase 2 entails wrestling Kiki into submission. This is without a doubt the crux of the entire photo shoot. In terms of resistance, we’re not talking Apollo Creed in Rocky 1. This is more a combination of the Russian from Rocky 4 with a little Clubber Lang attitude from Rocky 3. You have to bring your A-game if you expect to progress to the next phase.
Photo #3 – Phase 3 is all about securing the Canine and this has become one of Stevie’s specialties. Here you can see her applying the air-choking headlock maneuver made famous in the 1980s by Macho-Randy-Savage during wrestle-mania 4.
Photo #4 – And finally, once subdued, I snap the shot that captures the moment and all of you enjoy the fruits of our effort. Loving Mom, fluffy black dog, and some brass statue dude who never leaves the bench in downtown McMinnville, OR.
Priceless. TREE


  1. You make it look so easy. I think you're ready to tackle Nico now. In fact, I'd love to see you do that with Nico and Theo in tow. Now THAT would be priceless! ūüôā

    Love you cuz! – Rae

  2. Anonymous says:

    McMinnville? Where the heck is McMinville?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pinot country! Nice!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi you two what are your plans this week? girls are on the coast and Payton wants to surf/be hyperthermic? or hypothermic; get them confused…..


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