Moving South

Just wanted to say thanks to my AMAZING Mom. Thanks for opening up your home, for taking us sailing, and for all the love. We’ll see you before you know it! Take care and live in the moment!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, she IS AMAZING, and I just want to tell her once again that I love her very much! It was a pleasure sailing with you all, and I look forward to many more such adventures afloat in far away, exotic locales, from off-the-beaten- track, tropical backwaters to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. See you soon! From John/ Helmsman

  2. I found the presents you left for me when I got back from our dinner. So thoughtful! I stayed up reading Ganesha goes to Lunch – its like reading Dharma! Thank you!
    No matter how far away you two go, we are all under the same stars, and when I look at the stars I will think of you. You are Stars in my heart. Blessings!

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