There’s a war going on out there no one is safe from!

For the record, what we do out here is not for the faint of heart. The objective of our mission is always simple. But make no bones about it, “there’s a war going on out there no one is safe from”!
Our routine battle plan is to infiltrate a new wine region with the intention of experiencing the absolute completeness of the local varietals. We’re usually required to execute this battle plan in a relatively short period of time, which often means employing unorthodox battlefield tactics like skipping lunch to simultaneously engage in multiple battlefronts. Unfortunately the outcome is not always casualty free for our family.
Today, in addition to visiting several unbelievable local wineries, we also engaged in a private Library Tasting at LeCole Vineyards. This particular battle was nothing short of epic. We worked our way through a series of blood-dark reds from 2002 to 2007. The fight culminated with a 1997 Apogee Merlot/Cab blend that… well, created our biggest family casualty to date… (see Stevie Picture above. Note Kiki behind the window with a VERY worried look on her face)

Now, staying true to our family rules, we lick our wounds and prepare for the rematch tomorrow. Tally Ho – TREE


  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh Stevie, muy mal!

  2. Alexis Schulman says:

    LOL Kiki!!!!! So freggin cute.

  3. Oh my god, that's too funny

  4. Melissa says:

    LOL!! that is classic!! i love kiki's head in the window! how was the Malbec? that is my favorite wine! Miss you!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I'm IN!

  6. Yes! That's the way to go out!
    Tom from cO

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don't forget to eat! There is one of the best restaurants in Walla Walla, The White House Crawford. Tree you just have to take Stevie there. Your Auntie says so.

  8. Go to Northstar! Amazing Merlot

  9. Aunty Debby, we went to the White House Crawford, and it was every bit of the AMAZING that you said it would be! We shared a bottle of Rulo Zinfandel, duck confit ravioli's to start, a beet salad, and the juiciest tenderloin I've ever had. It was butter. To top it off, a little old Cuban man wandered in off the street with a guitar and started serenading us. It was spectacular. We went to Saffron last night, also very good, but nothing tops the WHC.

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