Walla Where???

Walla Walla, Washington. Where the hell, right??? Exactly. Walla Walla is a tucked away country town turned wine region in south eastern Washington. That is where we find ourselves, and not by accident. For 3 months we’ve been hearing about this little wine region. Comments like “As big as Napa” and “Reds that you won’t believe” have been common Walla Walla references during our travels on the west cost wine circuit. Since most regions are fond of saying “We’re the next Napa”, we initially paid these comments little attention. But as the myth grew, so did our curiosity. Well, today we dove in and all we can say is WOW. Walla Walla is legit. We’ve only been here for 21 hours, but after 5 wineries I can already say that this place is worthy. We’re both very happy that we have 3 more days to explore. Stay tuned for more as we hold nothing back in experiencing this town, and the surrounding vineyards!  TREE
PS… 2 addition comments worth noting…
1) Today we hit our 114th winery
2) Today Kiki was welcomed into 4 out of 5 winery tasting rooms putting her total visits at an estimated 33. Kiki has come to expect entry into these establishments, so needless to say the 1 winery that didn’t accept dogs crushed her. 


  1. Alexis Schulman says:

    Kiki is so sensitive.

  2. Love that big open sky . . !
    Is it hot there? Do you drink HOT wine?
    And, what does kiki get to drink?

  3. I mean, what does she get to drink that's
    WalaWala SPECIAL?

  4. And you haven't mentioned the Walla Walla Sweet Onions. I've always wondered if the wine out there has an oniony flavor.

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