Childhood Friends

We’ve been able to do some pretty darn cool things in San Francisco like spend time with old friends and…. meet one brand new one!!! As some of you know, Molly and Corby joined us on our first Grand Canyon trip together last October.  What none of us knew though was that Audrey, or Little Lava as we like to call her, joined us on that trip too. She was born just a couple weeks ago and has been mesmerizing all of us with her presence ever since. See the pictures and you’ll know why.

Part of what makes this introduction so special is that Corby and Tree have been friends since they were kids themselves. They’ve grown together from boyhood to parenthood- Kiki and Audrey- the next generation ūüôā

Bree and I before Wicked- still playing dress up after all these years. 
My friend Brienna and I share the same lasting bond. We met when my family moved in across the street from her when I was seven and she was nine.  We used to roller skate with bloody knees, bake banana bread and eat the dough, walk dogs and wash cars for money, pretend to go to church on sundays but really go to Drug Emporium to buy Rachel Perry Banana Coconut lip gloss, and when her family moved away to Fort Bragg, we made each other mixed tapes of mostly Depeche Mode songs to keep us stuck together forevermore. Today, she too has a little girl, and she’s teaching her all the games that we used to play.
As we prepare to head across the border we realize that it may be a long long time before we see these friends again. We’ll miss them!  Stevie

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