Life is a Beach

It feels so good to be back in Socal. We’ve got a great routine going and we’ve been getting our beach lurk on in a heavy way! Days start at 6am with strong coffee followed by a surf session at Trestles. While I surf Stevie walks Kiki. Then we work at the San Clemente Library until late afternoon. From there we move to Sano for a second surf session. Stevie likes to surf this wave. We eat dinner and at least one bottle of wine is consumed. Friends and family come and hang out. This will be our routine for the next month. We’re in heaven!

Drew and I proudly displaying Stevie’s new board
“Baby Blue”. Stevie is getting better all the time.

Trestles, the best wave in Cali. I’ve been surfing
here every morning since we got back.

Phil and Alexis, Me and Adam, serious Sano hang.
Phil kicked ass on the Stand-up board
Stevie and Alexis sharing a sisterly embrace.
John Sr. throwing Filet Mignon on the grill
John Sr. and Diane, Me and Adam, yet another Sano sunset


  1. Nice gang sign, Spock 🙂

  2. Tom from CO says:

    Man, we just don't get that out here! beautiful. I miss the ocean

  3. Alexis Schulman says:

    Yes I have finally made the Blog. My life is complete. All the cool kids do Star Trek Gang signs. You guys are now the Westside Sprinter Spock Gang. Highly illogical. 🙂

  4. Hey Alexis, if you give me your umbrella I'll let you join our gang???

  5. Alexis Schulman says:

    It's my umbrella and you can't have it. You big brother, me little sister. You give, I take. SheeSH.

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