Everyone keeps complaining about how cold it is: Where’s summer? It never came. Someone give the sun back. 

Well, waahh-waahh! Haven’t you people ever heard of layering? Ruff Ruff -Kiki
I know, I know,  it doesn’t match my shoes. 


  1. oooooooooh Kiki! You look GOOD, Dahlink!

  2. I NEVER, thought I would see the day where my macho burly brother not only DRESSES a dog, but then WRITES about it. And don't give me that stuff that Stevie is the one who does it blah blah blah cuz I know u guys give one another major edits and red or green lights on the happenings of the postings. U are a dog dresser! (I know Kiki is better for it but- Hilarious!!!). You are a lucky pooch Kiki!!

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