Happy Birthday Sis!!!!

Yesterday was my big sister’s birthday, and for the first time since we were teenagers I was able to spend it with her! My Dad and Diane set up a base-camp in Anaheim and we all had an amazing couple days hanging out. We ate steak, drank wine, and went to Disneyland. (check out the video of my Sister braving her fears on the Roller-Coaster, bottom of this post. Her and Stevie are right up front!)

Last night when it came time to say good-bye we were sad. We know this is the last time we’ll see those guys for a long time. It has been difficult for both Stevie and I to say our good-byes to people. We see sadness, excitement, concern, and love in the eyes of our family and friends. We’ve decided to live our lives in a way that isn’t “conventional” to say the least, and we know that it’s been hard and possibly scary for some of you. As Stevie and I follow our hearts and pursue our path, we want you to know that we appreciate your support, we heed your words of caution, and we feel your love! You will be in our hearts as we journey to Tierra Del Fuego, and beyond. TREE

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