Kiki is going global!

For the record, we never even considered doing the drive to the tip of South America without Kiki. We’ve been planning this trip for over TWO YEARS, and the sentiment all along was that this would be Kiki’s retirement. She may look like a puppy but she’s 10 and 1/2 years old. I suppose given the choice a thick furry black dog would choose anywhere but the equator to spend it’s golden years, but not Kiki. I’m no Dog Whisperer but when I heard her say “ruff ruff ruff” it sounded a lot like “let’s do a surf trip to south america daddy”. And so here we go.

The family task of researching what would be required to take a K9 across 17 Central and South American borders, (including a ferry from Panama to Columbia) was immediately delegated to Mommy. Only a Mother has the patience for a project of that magnitude. Stevie started investigating about 3 months ago and we are happy to report that we now have in our procession 17 doggie passports with all of the forms and documents required to safely transport Kiki to the other side of the word, moving north to south. Stevie has Kiki in LA right now getting her last round of shots and paper work from the Vet. Pretty soon Kiki will be RUFFING in Espanol. That will make me the last member of the family not to speak spanish. TREE


  1. Wow, I didn't even know pet passports existed.

  2. I am sooooo impressed with how hard you two have worked to organize this trip, getting all the "paperwork" done ahead of time and route-planning, etc. Suggestion: Make a copy of EVERY piece of paper, and leave them with Simko or someone else in the States. Then, if you lose the originals somehow, you can have back-up sent. Also, I'd be interested in any other suggestions people give you to make the trip easier/safer/more fun. Que le vaya bien!!

  3. yo quiero taco bell!

  4. Thats a great idea, please leave your social security number, credit card number and bank account numbers with me and I will take good care of you! oh ya don't drink the water or drive at night. Also, don't accept a "piggy bank" surfing monkey from a stranger before crossing a border. Ive got more….ya know those little bacon wrapped hot dogs they sell on the streets, don't eat those! They actually are very tasty but highly suspect and carry a HUGE consequence, thats what I hear anyway. Mexican sharks are known for eating hibiscus flowers and wanna be mexicans—-be careful.

  5. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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