Alpha, Bravo, Man Down, Come in, Over…

This just in! Stevie loves to seek out and explore shallow, sharp rocky reefs while surfing. You've read about the first time she went out here right? Coral in the feet, tweezer surgery, Tequila for … [Read more...]

Rockin Cabo and its Bueno

Miguel and Miranda have an extra studio room and they've opened up their home to us, so we're gonna hang here for a bit. It's totally bad ass because they live outside Cabo in an all-Mexican … [Read more...]

New Friends in Cabo

We've been fortunate to meet two new wonderful people here in Cabo. Miranda is an Ex-Pat from San Francisco and her Husband Miguel is from Mexico City. Miranda and Stevie have a girlfriend in … [Read more...]

2 Weeks In, Life is good

Well, we've been South of the border now for 2 weeks and we've found quite a rhythm.  Everyone seems to love it. Stevie loves the warm weather and practicing her Spanish with the locals. Kiki … [Read more...]

Ouch, Surfing Reef Breaks

Today was my first day surfing in international waters. It was a disaster.  There was no parking in the lot we needed to be in, so we parked several blocks down the coast and paddled 30 minutes … [Read more...]

Todos Santos – All The Saints

We left Loteto a couple days ago, missing the big earthquake there by mere hours. I’m starting to feel like we’re sailing under a lucky star! The other night we were bivied in Todos and someone … [Read more...]

Back to the source…

Yesterday, we drove from Loreto back to the pacific side, zigzagging our way south. Early evening, we arrived in Todos Santos, un pueblo magico filled with art galleries, bookstores, and outside cafes … [Read more...]

Chillin in Loreto

We've made our way down to Loreto and set up shop at  sweet little RV park in down town. We're 5 blocks from the square which is easy traveling on the bikes. For $16 a night we've got full … [Read more...]

Punta Chivato

A couple days ago we received an amazing gift that came in the form of an invitation. Our good friend Eric from Oregon told his friend Jean about our trip. Jean is an Ex-Pat and has been living in … [Read more...]

Open Your Eyes

Kiki enjoys a sunRISE on the Sea of Cortez We camp with the locals whenever possibleIn Spanish Abreojos means “Open Your Eyes”.  That is the experience we are having in Baja. We just visited … [Read more...]

SUP on the Sea of Cortez – Blame Tree

Standup paddling has been around for a long time, but only recently has it begun to gain traction with the masses. Laird Hamilton has a lot to do with its newfound popularity, hence the saying in the … [Read more...]

Bahia de Los Angeles

This morning we will depart El Rosario on the Pacific side of Baja and drive across the Peninsula to the Sea of Cortez. Our desination for the day is Bahia de Los Angeles, another 6 hours deeper … [Read more...]

Sprinter Life

It’s been about 1 year since Stevie and I moved out of the studio in Venice and started living in the Sprinter full time. So many people ask us how we manage to live in such a tiny space without … [Read more...]

Safe in Mexico!

Wooohooo! We made it to El Rosario, Mexico.  We woke up at 5:15am, said our goodbyes to the Simkos, and then headed to get gas before making our way to the border. Our odometer read 70,682 miles- … [Read more...]

Congratulations Mike and Lisa Lorenzo!

Stevie, Kiki and I wish you guys a long and happy life. We love you both so much! Your wedding was absolutely beautiful. The bride was glowing and Mikie was just himself, with that big F-ing grin on … [Read more...]