Open Your Eyes

Kiki enjoys a sunRISE on the Sea of Cortez

We camp with the locals whenever possible

In Spanish Abreojos means “Open Your Eyes”.  That is the experience we are having in Baja. We just visited the tiny fishing town of Abreojos located on the Pacific Ocean exactly half way down the Baja Peninsula. This is a place lost in time. There are probably less than 150 local inhabitants. They survive on fishing, and everyone’s catch goes into a COOP for the town to share. The roads are dirt. The houses are small. The people are happy. We were advised to visit Abreojos as it is now. There is a long tar-black paved road that is under construction and it will ultimately stretch 70+ kilometers from the main highway over the desert to Abreojos connecting it to the outside world.  This paved road will change the town, the people, and their way of life. Goods, services, and tourism will flow from the main highway to this small Pueblo. Life will become easier, and more complex. The people will have more, and perhaps less. Change is imminent. Life is beautiful.
So far our experience of Baja, Mexico has been incredible. We continue to head south at our typical snails pace. We originally thought we’d be in Baja for 2 weeks before ferrying to the mainland. Now it’s looking like it will be a month. (meet you in Mazetlan in November Mom!) TREE

Beautiful Abreojos Church
Cool Mexican mural

Locals heading out to fish
Mexican mural


  1. Wow. So awesome. I am so wishing we had planned to be down in mx with mom!

  2. Alexis Schulman says:

    I am sure they will learn to adapt to the changes ahead. They survived and were probably fisherman before the Spanish invaded and slaughtered/forcing their religious beliefs on the native tribal peoples and I am sure their strong will to live as they wish will with stand more travelers brought by a paved road. 🙂

  3. Hey Darlins! eric tells me you are hooking up with Jean down there! She should be a fountain of information. I'll bet you two hit it off with her – another lively Italian woman who follows her heart!
    See ya in Maz!
    Love The mama

  4. We've been at Jean's house for two days now and have been having an absolute blast!!! Kindred spirits for sure! Can't wait to see you. Mucho MUCHO LOVE!!!!!

  5. Love you too Darlin!

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