SUP on the Sea of Cortez – Blame Tree

Standup paddling has been around for a long time, but only recently has it begun to gain traction with the masses. Laird Hamilton has a lot to do with its newfound popularity, hence the saying in the surf world: BLAME LAIRD. Dedicated to growing the sport, he travels the country doing standup demos for people of all ages and sizes. Well, Laird, you’re not the only one to blame. After Tree and I enjoyed a good hour and a half long paddle in the bay, he asked the big group of local boys camping next to us if they’d like to try to paddle too. Si! They said in unison. He spent the next 3 hours teaching each one how to standup paddle. After a while, he had to teach one of them how to teach the rest because the kids kept lining up. We drank beers and watched them until the sunset. They had a blast and we did too! Next stop is Abreojos, a small fishing village with great surf back on the pacific side of Baja. I can’t wait to try out Xanadu! Much love- STEVIE
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  1. One of the coolest things about you two is that you give more than you get. You look for opportunities to share experiences and please others. These guys will remember the unique fun you provided for a very long time!! (until they buy their own stand ups!).


  2. Unfortunately those kids will never be able to afford a stand up board. But they embraced it with passion.

  3. Best Blahg post yet. We cant wait to see what you guys do next. Its amazing how much need there is in Mexico. Even the need for some innocent entertainment. Well done dude. Laird is proud and so are your friends.

  4. Looks like our conversation turned into an insightful challenge. It takes bravery to really follow through on a conversation. Keep it up. JoHanna

  5. Its said that the purpose of life is to know ourselves and love others. You two practice both so well. It feels gooooooood, yes?!

  6. Alexis schulman says:


  7. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Hey Simko's,
    we took that suggestion you gave us to heart. We plan to embrace it through the entire trip. Thanks. You guys are the best. We love you. Miss you.

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