Todos Santos – All The Saints

We left Loteto a couple days ago, missing the big earthquake there by mere hours. I’m starting to feel like we’re sailing under a lucky star! The other night we were bivied in Todos and someone pounded on the van door. It was our friend Mark Olson from Surftech. He’s been following the blog and spotted our van parked on a side street. Totally random. He invited us to his friend’s beach house and we kicked it there for a night. The bros gave us great information on where the danger spots are in mainland Mexico.  Looks like we’re going to skip some really good sections of Mexico in order to avoid Cartel controlled roads and territory. Our motto once we hit the mainland is “We Take No Chances”. However today we’re in Baja. The weather is beautiful. The internet plentiful. Good waves still remain elusive though. We drive up and down the coast looking for swell, but only find wind. Today we’re heading to the south cape with hopes of picking up the SW swell coming in this weekend. This will be the farthest southern point we will travel in Baja before heading back to La Paz where we’ll catch the ferry to the mainland. TREE


  1. did you check out zippers? Kinda a local wave, but a fun right

  2. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Yes, we just did. Tree surfed there yesterday, and Today at The Rock. The water is super warm. I can't wait to go in!

  3. Tree, do you need to add a kite to your toy collection?

    May every mile be traveled under lucky stars!


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