We Are an Equal Opportunity Family

Stevie is an amazing cook and therefore does all the grocery shopping and meal preparation for our family. Although I accompany her into the grocery store, I usually get lost in the panaderia where I … [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary Sprinter Life!

Today is our anniversary. Not of the day we met, the first time we kissed, or the the first time that we said the 'L' word to each other. No, today is a much bigger event. It's the 1 year anniversary … [Read more...]

What we see as Nomads: Roadside Shrines In Mexico

I grew up with a ghost in the house. Matter of fact, I'm named after him. He was my biological father who died a few months before I was born.As a way of transcending her devastation, my mother often … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

WOW! Is it the end of November already? We can't believe it. We've almost been south of the border for 2 whole months now. Here's wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! There will be no Turkey for … [Read more...]

En Serio… Tequila School???

My encounters with tequila have always been frightful. When I'm not passed out on Tequila, I'm fighting on tequila (and I've never won a fight in my life, so that's not fun). Plus, Tequila … [Read more...]

Stevie’s Lost In Translation

If you know Stevie, as many of you do, then you know she LOVES to talk. She'll talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. She is by nature a communicator. She is also Sicilian, so you cannot expect her to … [Read more...]

Livin la vida

We've got a smooth daily routine going here in the Mexican state of Nayarit. In the mornings we drive to Punta Mita to surf. After that we come back and I work while Stevie writes. Kiki and Stevie … [Read more...]

Daily Life In Sayulita

On our first day here in Sayulita we met a great new friend. His name is Eddy, and he used to work in this neighborhood before he got laid off. I had asked for his help fixing a broken door in our … [Read more...]

To Bees or Not To Bees

I am the type of human who secretly wishes my race would go extinct. When I watch a movie about the slaughter of dolphins or drive by an unsightly bald spot on the side of a mountain that once … [Read more...]

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…

No, we're in Sayulita, a lush green little paradise on the Pacific coast Mainland. We spent the day exploring, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and outfitting the bungalow we'll call home for the next … [Read more...]

Kiki does hard time in Mexico

The Ferry ride over to Mazatlan was easy sailing. It’s a modern ferry with all the amenities. We made a good decision and invested $64 for a private cabin. We had 2 beds, a bathroom, and a hot shower. … [Read more...]

Adios Baja

Today was our last day in Baja. We hung out on the beach with Mom and John and drank way too many beers. They talked politics for hours, which is what happens when you put my Mom and Stevie in the … [Read more...]

La Paz – The Peace

We've connected with my Mom and John and we're all kicking it here in La Paz. It is so great to see them. My Mom has a room at a resort called La Concha. Stevie and I managed to drive the sprinter … [Read more...]

El Triunfo

On our drive to La Paz, we stumbled upon a delightfully quirky pueblo called El Triunfo. (Think David Lynch in Mexico.) In the mid 1800s, El Triunfo was a booming mining town with 10,000 residents. By … [Read more...]

A feminist manifesto on overcoming the biological burden of urination

Rated PG-13As most of you know, before we crossed the border, Tree and I spent our last couple weeks in San Diego with the Simkos.  During that time, I cleaned and organized the van with the help … [Read more...]