The Have-Nots

On Christmas Eve, when we were in Guadalajara, I saw a still shot of humanity, a quick snippet of two vulnerable people, that broke my heart and put it back together again in two seconds flat. It was … [Read more...]

Mis Abuelos Son De Mexico

This just in, I'M MEXICAN! It's true. My Dad's side of the family is from South of the border. (Don't worry Arizona residents, I have my papers!) My Grandpa's family name is Trujillo, and my … [Read more...]

Tequila School Graduation – I give us an A++

Yes, we survived Tequila School! Over the last 3 days we tasted a couple dozen different labels, made some wonderful new friends (even Kiki made a friend), and learned more about Tequila than we ever … [Read more...]

Pinatas and Tequila

This morning we left Jocatepec at our usual crack-of-noon start. We endured yet another round of sad goodbyes to newly found friends and then on our way out of town we stopped at the orphanage to give … [Read more...]

Jocotepec, Jalisco Mexico

We spent Christmas day at a nice little campground in Jocotepec. This little pueblo is located in the state of Jalisco, approximately 40 kilometers south of Guadalajara and at the western end of Lake … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas From Guadalajara

We spent Christmas Eve roaming the Historic District of Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico. Guadalajara has the reputation for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it … [Read more...]

In Search Of Surf

We spent the last couple days poking our way down the Pacific coast from Vallarta to Colima looking for surf. There was none. The ocean is flat. Not even the world famous break of Pascuales had waves. … [Read more...]


One of the things we love most about nomad life is making new friends. It seems that everywhere we go we fall in with the absolute coolest people. This is both a blessing and a curse in that we're … [Read more...]

Adios Sayulita

We've been here for 5 weeks. We've enjoyed the hang, the people, the food, the packs of wild dogs, the great energy, the tequila bar, the roosters, and the occasional ola (wave). Its time to get back … [Read more...]

…It’s The Life In Your Years

I've never been one to like my birthday, but lately, I think the day, or even the whole week, might be improving--and I owe it all to you guys!  You really know how to make me feel loved. Thank you my … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Stevie!!!

Today is my favorite day of the whole year! December 16th. The day my wonderful beautiful woman was born. Happy birthday my sweet lover. Kiki and I love you sooooo much! We have some great … [Read more...]

Postal RAGE!!!!!

Thank you Mom, Sis, and Cheryll for the generous christmas presents you rushed to Outdoorplay so that they would be included in the single package of mail sent to us via DHL Express. We were really … [Read more...]

La Virgen de Guadalupe

Today, December 12th, commemorates the day that La Virgen de Guadalupe fist appeared as a vision to the poor, Indian farmer, Juan Diego, in 1531. She has been revered ever since by every native man, … [Read more...]

Life South Of The Border – Update

Who has the better stash?Walking to townWe've been South of the border now for 2 full months. We spent 1 month exploring the Baja Peninsula and 1 month in the little town of Sayulita. In Baja we slept … [Read more...]

The Simple Sayulita Life

Fresh produce and pinatas The rooster farm, i.e. our alarm clockWe've now been in Sayulita for a couple weeks, and I've grown to love our daily routine. Even though it's a bit gringofied with its … [Read more...]