180 Degrees South – How f#*cked is our planet?

Last night we watched a great documentary called 180 Degrees South. The film follows adventurer Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard (founder of the company Patagonia) and Doug Tompkins (founder of Conservacion Patagonica). I was drawn to the movie because these guys drove a VW Bus from Ventura, CA all the way to Argentina back in the 60s when there was nothing but dirt roads south of Mexico City. You have to appreciate how burly and amazing that feat was. 

The film is not only a recount of this epic adventure, but it also touches on the battles happening in Chile and Argentina to protect the oceans, rivers, and lands from big development corporations. I remember back in the 90s when my friends were fighting to save the BioBio River in Chile from being damned. Today that gorge is a lake, the ecosystems dead. All the power from the damn is flowing to Santiago where millions of people are creating more pollution. Its so sad what we are doing to our planet. Our growth is not sustainable. What the hell is wrong with us? History is full of examples of societies that fell because they over used their resources. The difference with us today is that we are not a regional society. We are a global society creating a macro level effect on the entire planet. We are cutting down the trees, damning all the rivers, and killing the oceans. I am beginning to believe there is no stopping us. We will ride this wave all the way to shore and when we arrive, it will be the entire population of the planet who pays the price. Just thought I’d spread the gloom. Have a great day. TREE

“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all lessons that history has to teach”  
–  Aldous Huxley


  1. Alexis Schulman says:

    So true, and now we have developed ways to go green, create energy without screwing with things. Did you know some scientist have come up with a way to build freeways out of recycled trash and when you drove on it it creates electricity!? How dope is that? All we gotta do is redo the 405 we could create enough energy to SELL to other countries just by commuting. I doubt we will ever see that come to life though. 🙁 Recycle-Reduce-Reuse!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Like any little girl growing up, I always fantasized about someday having a family of my own. Your post along with so many other accounts online reveal that the one thing all our issues can be traced back to is
    OVERPOPULATION. So I have decided never to have children. This breaks my heart because I too wanted to play house, but if the urge is so strong, one should adopt. As of August 21, 2010, our planet can no longer regenerate itself as fast as we consume it. This is like spending your entire yearly income, in 9 months. And it is not getting better. Basically every child born is now a death sentence to the human race. Irony is: the more kids we have, the closer we are to extinction…
    check this out if you want…


    At least you guys are enjoying the ride.
    <3 Veronica G

  3. So sad, and so true. It is overpopulation. And that will be the end of us. A few people may decide to not have kids, or only have 1, but most of the world will continue to have multiple offspring. Do they have a right? I don't know anymore. Is it selfish? With out a doubt considering what we know about the problems of the world. Every human being brought into the world becomes a consumer. We've passed the sustainable threshold. I hate it when I hear people say "we have a right to have 2 or 3". Or "every child has a right to a sibling". Seriously, at what point does the overall good of the human race and survival of our planet supersede what we consider our individual right to have multiple kids? I guess we'll find out…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tree, I told you last summer that the world was too crowded. Just observe the surf breaks in socal. duhhh…

  5. Great movie even if Chouinard's pessimism is scary. If that guy can't make a difference how can we expect to? Read his book "Let my people go surfing". Good lessons for business.

  6. population problem? I don't see any problem. You guys are crazy. Next post your gonna claim that global warming is real HA!
    ps. Go Palin, 2012

  7. Alexis Schulman says:

    Say it with me: "Genocide" 🙂

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