Family Volunteer Day –

P.E.A.C.E – Protection, Education, Animals, Culture, Environment
With some prompting from our dear friends, the Simkos, Tree and I took a vow before we crossed the border to volunteer in the countries we’re traveling through as a way to both connect and give back to each community.  Keeping true to our word, we spent yesterday donating our time and labor to P.E.A.C.E. Mexico, a small non-profit in the neighboring village of Punta Mita. Among other things, the organization has been very effective in starting a recycling program and a spay/neuter clinic in the area.

When we arrived, we learned about their latest project of building a sandbox in the front of the community center. They kindly asked us if we’d like to paint the tires that will soon become the borders of the box.This wasn’t quite as glamorous of a task as I was hoping for, but a good volunteer does what he or she is asked, so we painted tires—pink, purple, blue, green, fuchsia—some solid, others polka dotted or striped.  It didn’t take long before we were completely absorbed in the work and having a great time.
This experience once again reminded me of the greatest reason for helping others. It’s not so that we can walk around feeling smug like “good” people—and it’s not necessarily even about what we do when we’re being of service.  Painting tires can be just as rewarding as giving vaccines in the way that both activities perform the magic and amazing miracle of getting us out of our egos.
When we’re thinking about others, we’re not thinking about ourselves. All of our wants and worries get to take a vacation to make room for some loving kindness to step in.  
Thank you P.E.A.C.E Mexico for giving us the opportunity to be of service- STEVIE


  1. Applause, Applause, Applause. You guys are the best, nice work.

    "Service to others it the rent you pay for your room here on earth." Muhammad Ali

    It does'nt hurt to fly like and butterfly and sting like a bee either.

  2. your mama says:

    Your mama raised you right!

  3. Awesome guys!! I know exactly the place you are in Punta Mita!! Such a cool little place. We thought about buying a condo down there. So beautiful and still a bit sleepy. Love that you are finding ways to give back as you go through your journeys. Muhammad Ali has got it right. I only hope the service to my children (which takes almost every waking breath) counts. 😉

  4. Hey Tree and Stevie, Thought I'd share my favorite quote…
    I slept and dreamed my life was joy
    I awoke ans saw my life was service
    I acted and saw service was joy

    I've had this in my house for over 20 years… word to live by
    I am glad you are living your dream

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