In Search Of Surf

We spent the last couple days poking our way down the Pacific coast from Vallarta to Colima looking for surf. There was none. The ocean is flat. Not even the world famous break of Pascuales had waves. Nothing but Pro surfers lounging in hammocks drinking beer and smoking mota, patiently waiting for swell.

We enjoyed a couple nights of beautiful camping along the way. We spent one evening camping and talking with our new friend Rafiq. He was a kindred soul for sure.

We also safely passed around the town of Guzman, which is supposedly one of the nasty narco towns. We sailed through it without incident, although the Sprinter did receive his first full cavity search at a narco check point. Up until now all the searches have been quick and easy. At this one the military pretty much looked everywhere. Stevie was quick to remind me that this was why we NEVER carry anything illegal. A good family rule for sure.

Today we made our way up to Lake Chapala on the outskirts of Guadalajara. Tomorrow we may head to the town of Tequila. We’re still not sure where we’ll be spending Christmas, but it will most likely be around this area somewhere. Life is good. TREE


  1. We will miss you here at Christmas! Its been a long time since we were not all together for the Holidays. But its good to know you are together, and happy. We are going to have tamales for Christmas dinner, and will be thinking of you!!
    Love mom

  2. Smart. Very VERY smart not to carry contraband.

  3. Let's skype on Christmas!!!

  4. Michael Tuohy says:

    So glad the adventure is going strong. Peace to you through the holiday.

  5. Merry Cristmas!
    -Little Lava

  6. Merry Christmas Nomads. We miss you. Love the Simkos

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