Life South Of The Border – Update

Who has the better stash?
Walking to town

We’ve been South of the border now for 2 full months. We spent 1 month exploring the Baja Peninsula and 1 month in the little town of Sayulita. In Baja we slept in campgrounds and off the grid, but here in Sayulita we splurged and got a bungalow for 5 weeks (studio with internet, hot water, kitchen, secure parking, and a back yard for only $20 per night!). We originally came to Sayulita for the surfing, but we hit it during a flat spell. There’s only been 1 week of good waves since we’ve been here. But that’s ok, I was able to get a ton of work done on Outdoorplay, and Stevie finished her online writing class at UCLA. It dawned on us that this has been the longest amount of time we’ve been in one place since we moved out of the apartment in Venice over a year ago! We’ve enjoyed it, but we’re both feeling antsy and ready to get back on the road! Sprinter Life is calling. It’s time to go! We leave in 1 week. TREE

What it costs to live on the road – 2 month per day averages
$11.81 – Food per person (includes family ration of 2 Tecates per person per day)
$13.49 – Lodging for entire family (Camping, Hotels and a Bungalow for 5 weeks)
$6.19 – Gas (3120 miles traveled)
$0.66 – Laundry
$1.20 – Toll Roads
$18.18 – Misc – (Spanish Lessons, Surf Board Repairs, Tequila)
Note: It’s apparent by these figures that our most expensive family habits are talking, surfing, and drinking


  1. Yes, we want to see the wine/tequilla/Tecate catagory!

  2. Hey Tree, all that Tecate must be growing out your mustache and beard- they're getting so thick! You're looking like Pancho Villa! Que' Guapo!

  3. Two Beers a day???? is that just what it should be? or do you supplement with the Tequila class?

  4. Tequila class is a supplement for sure. I just had to move Tequila into its own expense category. Otherwise it would look like we're eating too much. 🙂

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