Pinatas and Tequila

This morning we left Jocatepec at our usual crack-of-noon start. We endured yet another round of sad goodbyes to newly found friends and then on our way out of town we stopped at the orphanage to give a christmas pinata to the Jocatepec kids. Ken and Chris provided the candy and we provided the pinata. Unfortunately, the kids were not there, so we gave it to the Sister in charge and in our broken spanish made her promise not to eat all the candy. She laughed and gave us hugs.

We then headed down the road toward the town of Tequila. The excitement grew as we approached the city limits. We’ve really been looking forward to this visit. For those of you who followed our 6 month 152 winery wine tasting tour, you know how serious we take our beverages. Tequila is known as the birth place of the beverage that bears its name, so we’re here for business. After about 45 minutes of driving down wicked narrow roads scoping the town, we checked into Hotel Tequila!!! We went straight to a tasting room to get things started and quickly realized that we could spend an entire week here! This place is no joke. TREE


  1. Ah. Now see. With careful planing this is a rendevouz point we shoulda been talking about. It sounds like so much fun!! Let us know what the winners are.
    Love ya- Sis

  2. Bravo……Nice work guys. Way to put the Christ in Christmas. Stevie the girls loved your e-mail and we are working on the reply. Love you guys.


  3. Kris y Ken y Duffie says:

    Hey kids, did you save some tequila for us?? Is our Pueblo Viejo still drinkable or flushable? About the piñata, the seven points represent the seven deadly sins. Nothing says Feliz Navidad quite like wrath, greed, sloth, lust, envy, and gluttony. The candy symbolizes Satan's temptations. All but chocolate (ha ha) and the blindfold is blind faith while the stick is Christian goodness…I tend to think SF Giants…the breaking of the piñata is indicative of triumph of good over evil especially if chocolate's involved and the shower of candy portrays unknown joys and rewards the good and faithful will receive in Heaven.

    Who knew? Felicidades xoxo

  4. The new site looks awesome!!!!

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