The Simple Sayulita Life

Fresh produce and pinatas 
The rooster farm, i.e. our alarm clock

We’ve now been in Sayulita for a couple weeks, and I’ve grown to love our daily routine. Even though it’s a bit gringofied with its expensive yoga and hill full of fancy vacation homes, Sayulita still adheres to the simplicity of village life. Every day we walk by the casas under constant construction, along the muddy river, and past the rooster farm into town to do our shopping. I have to go to a different specialty store to buy each item. Meat comes from the Carniceria, produce from Don Rodolfos, fish from the Pescaderia, and miscellaneous oddities from varying other Tiendas.  All the shopkeepers know me and Kiki by now, and I appreciate that each one remembers what I like to buy and in what quantity. After we finish the shopping, the three of us like to sit in the plaza and people watch or possibly stop in at the Tequila bar for a quick tasting. Soon enough we’ll be back on the road, but for now, we’re enjoying the simple life. -STEVIE

The Tequila Bar- home to over 300 artisanal varieties of 100% Agave Tequila
Meat store


  1. Que tranquillo!

  2. anycockledoo?


  3. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Yes, Veronica, that's the sound a rooster makes in many parts around the world, and here are some others, as outlined by Wikipedia:

    "The sound made by the cock is spelled onomatopœically as "cock-a-doodle-do" in English, but otherwise in some other languages, such as: Arabic kookookoo-koo, Catalan Co-co-ro-co, Chinese goh-geh-goh-goh, Croatian ku-ku-ri-ku Czech kykyrikí, Danish kykeliky, Dutch kukeleku, Esperanto kokeriko, Estonian kukeleegu or kikerikii, Faroese kakkulárakó, Filipino Tik-ti-la-ok, Finnish kukkokiekuu, French cocorico, German kikeriki, Greek kikiriku, Gujarati kuk-de-kuk, Hebrew ku-ku-ri-ku, Hindustani kuk-roo-koon or kuk-roo-kroon, Hungarian kukurikú, Indonesian kukuruyuk, Italian chicchirichì, Japanese ko-ke kokkoh, Korean k'ok'iyo, Lithuanian ka-ka-rie-ku, Latvian ki-ke-ri-gū, Norwegian kykkeliky, Persian ququliqu, Polish kukuryku, Portuguese Có có ró có, Romanian cucurigu, Russian ку-ка-ре-ку (ku-ka-rye-ku), Sanskrit काक (kāka), Serbian ku-ku-ri-ku, Slovak kikirikí,Slovene kikiriki, Spanish qui-qui-ri-qui', Swahili KokoRikoo koo, Swedish kuckeliku, Tamil ko-ka-ra-ko, Thai yeki-yeki-yek, Turkish üü-ürü-üüü, Urdu kuk roo kroon, and Vietnamese ò-ó-o-o."

    And, did you know that in most of these languages, "cock" is still slang for, well, the cock? Pretty interesting, right?

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