Where the Wild Things Are

We are loving Guatemala! The people are so nice, and we feel very safe. The most dangerous thing appears to be the driving, and I'm not talking about traffic. Although you won't find many helpful road … [Read more...]

Give a Holla’ Guatemala

We've said goodbye to Belize and crossed the border into Guatemala. We've gone back and forth on this country. Originally we planned to spend a few weeks here. But in Mexico we heard reports that it … [Read more...]

Western Belize – A Paradise

We spent the last couple days exploring Western Belize over by the Guatemalan border. It is quite a change from the turquoise blue caribbean coastline. We're seeing lush green jungles, highland … [Read more...]

We Be Livin In Da Moment Mon

Our time in Belize has been a lesson in living in the moment.  Looking back, I realize that this lesson was foreshadowed at the border when the guy at the car insurance booth told us that Kriol, … [Read more...]

Man Down – Sprinter is on Injured Reserve

What the F@CK is this. I never saw this in the Drive to the Tip of South America brochure!The Sprinter is on injured reserve. We are stranded in Belize. Here is what we know as of Monday, … [Read more...]

On Vacation – Caye Caulker

We've decided to take a little vacation from the van and head out to an island off the coast of Belize for a few days. We left the Sprinter in the long term parking lot at the airport in Belize City … [Read more...]

Aloha Belize

Aloha Belize! Man it's great to be back in a country with toilet seats and friendly cops. Crossing the border yesterday was butter. We were a little nervous about Kiki getting in. According to the … [Read more...]

Goodbye Mexico!

We are finally preparing to leave Mexico and cross the border into Belize. On our final 8 hour drive across the southern border of Mexico heading east toward Belize I thought about our three and a … [Read more...]

Palenque – A Brown Powered World

Did you know that one single event probably changed the entire history of the world? At the time that Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492, the vast majority of the entire worlds population lived … [Read more...]

My Favorite City In Mexico – Oaxaca

Contrary to what Tree would have you believing, there is more to Oaxaca then just its mezcal. Don’t get me wrong, mezcal is huge, but it’s not everything. After having spent two full days at Casa Raab … [Read more...]

Making Mezcal 101 – Oaxaca Mexico

If you know anything about Oaxaca, Mexico you know this is Mezcal country! We've spent the last 5 days at Casa Raab located in the hills above the city. This beautiful estate is owned by Tony and … [Read more...]

The adventure is always in the problems

We spent the last 2 days trying to solve our fridge problem. We drove all over Oaxaca and made countless calls on Skype. At the end of the day its going to be too expensive to ship a fridge from the … [Read more...]

Ahhh, Snap! Are you sure it’s broken???

I only had to make a half dozen phone calls to technicians and repair shops in the US to confirm what the Mexican refrigerator repair man standing in front of me had just said. It's broken. In a way … [Read more...]

Current Location – Oaxaca, Southern Mexico

Stevie and I limped into Oaxaca this afternoon. We are feeling very road worn right now. Since we left Acapulco 5 days ago we've driven nothing but winding mountain roads at an average of 25 mph. That … [Read more...]

Puerto Escondido Surfing

I was really excited to get back to the coast and do some surfing, and what better place than Puerto Escondido, the Mexican Pipeline! When we got here yesterday I sat on the beach and watched what I … [Read more...]