Goodbye Mexico!

We are finally preparing to leave Mexico and cross the border into Belize. On our final 8 hour drive across the southern border of Mexico heading east toward Belize I thought about our three and a half months here. When we crossed the border into Tijuana back on October 11th we had planned to rush through Mexico in 2-3 weeks. The American media machine had us so scared that we were half expecting to see gun fights as soon as we crossed the border. What we found instead was a country that left us dazzled. We immersed ourselves in Mexico and in return we were given a great gift. We saw Mexico’s true nature. This is a country of proud, warm, helpful, hard working, stoic people. A country with magnificent colonial cities and ancient Indian ruins. There are lush jungles and rugged mountains. Beautiful deserts and warm oceans. We can honestly say that we love this country, and the people in it.

And to people back in the US we can only say one thing, DON’T BE AFRAID TO GO TO MEXICO. Yes, there is a war going on, but it is between the drug cartels and the government. The fear mongering US media is full of shit. All they care about is ratings, not facts. Most of the places we went were safe. Go to Mexico and talk to the people. See it for yourself. And then tell others what you find.

Let’s also remember and acknowledge that the US consumes almost all of the drugs coming from Mexico. Our country’s drug consumption is fueling the war. I think there is a better solution to the drug problem, but that’s for another post which I plan to write later.

As for now, Adios Mexico. Thank you for the memories. Tomorrow we cross into Belize and begin our next adventure though Central America. TREE


  1. Anonymous says:

    You guys are going to love Belize. Have fun!

  2. - Mexican Trailrunner says:

    Bravo, Tree! Good post, you are absolutely 100% right.
    ¡Viva Mexico!

  3. Nice run guys. well done

  4. Eric and Tammy says:

    Glad you guys made it through safe. Enjoy Belize

  5. Ahhh, are you guys scuba divers? You have to check out the blue hole if so. Its good, long boat ride but worth it!

  6. Three cheers for this post (well, and your entire blog for that matter)! Enjoy Belize, I didn't make it that far south but hope to one day.
    You guys are so inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  7. Michael and Joanne said..
    No Aqua Azul waterfalls before leaving Mexico???

  8. Well, we had originally planned to go there. But after tripling our time in Mexico, some things had to hit the cutting room floor. I figured I had seen plenty of aqua blue waterfalls in my day, so Agua Azul was cut. Oh well. We're in Belize now and its bangin!

  9. Hey guys,
    looks like the trip is going well. Keep at it

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