The adventure is always in the problems

We spent the last 2 days trying to solve our fridge problem. We drove all over Oaxaca and made countless calls on Skype. At the end of the day its going to be too expensive to ship a fridge from the US and we were unable to find a store that sells anything close in Mexico. So through the process of elimination we’ve made the decision to go south without a refrigerator. Our next opportunity to fix the problem will be in April when I fly back to Oregon. Perhaps I can fly a unit back with me to Costa Rica on the return trip. Then we’d just need to find someone to install it, which believe me is not as easy as it sounds. Oh well, the adventure is always in the problems. And Tecate tastes just fine luke warm. TREE


  1. That's the "adventure" spirit! And look at it this way – at least its not about the engine!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey buddy belize is a big city and will have frig repair or maybe find something to replace. in the mean time get a ice chest, no reason in the world to drink warm beer!

  3. C'mon man I've seen your tool box. Grab a wrench and some duct tape and fix that fridge. You can do it, I beleive in you. The Universe wants you to fix your fridge. By the way try some hot sauce in your Tecate with a little salt and lime. Being Mexican, I'm sure you already know this.

  4. Simko, give me some credit bro. My tool box is the first thing I offered the repair man. I ain't wick.

  5. Hey Tree and Stevie, sorry to hear about the fridge. I hope you two are having some fun in Oaxaca. I heard Tony was going to take you on the Mexcal tour, that should help you forget your worries for a little while anyway.

  6. Tree sin un refrigador es como el nino gordo sin pastel… que lastima. necesitan tu dragon.

  7. Anonymous says:

    No big deal
    -Little Lava

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