Western Belize – A Paradise

We spent the last couple days exploring Western Belize over by the Guatemalan border. It is quite a change from the turquoise blue caribbean coastline. We’re seeing lush green jungles, highland pine forests, deep limestone caves, and beautiful waterfalls. And last night we ran into Chad and Emily, a couple we met all the way back in Baja! They are also heading south. It is great to see them again.

Overall we’ve really enjoyed the country of Belize. It’s completely different from anything we expected. It’s diverse in people and in landscape. The roads are pretty good, although narrow. We loved the beer but thought the food was average. The prices were higher than Mexico but still a bit cheaper than the US. The vibe is mellow and laid back. The best part about Belize is by far the people. They are SO nice and friendly. We’ve enjoyed our stay but we’re ready to move back into a spanish speaking country. Next up is Guatemala! We cross the border tomorrow. TREE

Stevie and Kiki hiking through the lush jungle…

Stevie and Kiki heading into the Saint Hermans Cave in the Blue Hole Reserve…

Wow, this cave was huge. I was scoping all kinds of climbing potential. Steep tufa climbing on limestone, my favorite! This cave was used by the Mayan Indians.

Stevie crouching down as the ceiling drops. We turned our headlamps off and it was pitch black and kinda scary…

Taking a dip in a sink hole in the jungle…

Just another truck pulling a trailer of cows with a bunch of guys riding on top…


  1. Wow, those are some skinny steers.

  2. i bet those cows eat "skinny cow" ice cream!

  3. ummm, big mac

  4. Timothy Iller says:

    Wow! Those photos are awesome. Belize sounds cool. How's the main city? Are the streets busy with people like Mexico City?

    Be safe

  5. So you are really are a climber!!! Lookin at tufas. Eh?

  6. To future travelers heading in this direction: Before crossing into Guatemala, we stayed in San Ignacio(great pit stop before border crossing, cute town)at a hotel called Tia Maria (hot water, great internet, great mgmt)and we ate at the BEST RESTAURANT IN BELIZE1!! It´s a litte South Indian restaurant right next to the Tia Maria. We suggest you go there. Holy shit it´s awesome.

  7. jeremy jones says:

    umm.. did tree notice and interpret the "DANGER!" sign at that water hole before he dived in?

  8. jeremy jones says:

    oh o.k. i could read it once i thot to zoom… ne'er mind.

  9. jeremy jones says:

    pretty stuff! :0

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