Honeymoon In Honduras

If you have any information on Honduras or any contacts there, please email us.
Honeymoon in Honduras. That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? I know, it’s not your typical destination for a romantic getaway. Honduras is the least frequently travelled country in Central America. In fact, most overland travelers heading south skip it all together. Well, you can’t actually skip it, but by taking the lower border crossing in El Salvador you can drive across Honduras in 2-3 hours and be in Nicaragua the same day. We had originally planned to take this approach due to reports of dengue fever, malaria, bandits, and a corrupt police force. But then we started thinking about it and wondered why we would rush through and miss the opportunity to see a country and meet the people? So we’ve decided to go for it.

We’ve been putting feelers out for reliable information on the safety. Due to the fact that most overlanders heading south skip Honduras we’ve been unable to gather very much on-the-ground info. The reports we did get were not promising. Our friends Luis and Lacey from Lost World Expedition volunteered their horror story. After spending 8 hours at the border dealing with crooked officials they finally made their way across Honduras toward Nicaragua. During the couple hour drive they got pulled over 7 times and had to pay over $300 in bribes. Luis is native Venezuelan and speaks fluent spanish. Not the kind of report that inspires confidence or invites tourism.

But we kept the faith and last night the universe delivered. We met a couple here in El Salvador. He is a New Yorker who works at the US Embassy in Honduras and she is a native Honduran. We busted out the map and they gave us great information on where to go, which roads to use, which towns are safe, and which towns to avoid.

With that new information we’re feeling really good about exploring Honduras. I’m sure we’ll have some issues with the cops, but everyone who passes through does. We plan to hang out here in El Salvador for one more week and then we’ll cross into Honduras at the El Poy border crossing. We’ll spend 9-10 days there for our honeymoon! TREE

Only one more week to enjoy the surf of El Salvador. So far these have been the best waves since we crossed the border into Mexico. I don’t want to leave, but I know there will be great surf all the way to Chile.


  1. Check your email…

  2. I've sent the info I could find. Be safe. You aren't in Kansas anymore.

  3. HI, ok so my friend Ercy says " Well cops… We have some good and some bad but what most of them are looking for is a bribe, tell them not to stop in places where there is not that many people but besides that the locals are pretty friendly. I live in the capital city abd there are some cute little towns nearby, like Santa Lucia, Ojojona and Valle de Angeles. Ercy Baide (504) 32839005 in case they want to give me a call"

    If you will be around where she is you should give her a call. She is good people.


  4. You couldn't have received a better contact. I am checking at All Saint's in the Creative Connections dept. to see if they have any families in Honduras. Will find out today. Love you

  5. Veronica G says:

    i almost bought property in Roatan.
    i imagine that would be an awesome spot.

    rock on <3

  6. You can go to Roatan and it is very touristy and safe. But be careful when you're in the real Honduras, ie the mainland.

  7. I wish you a safe journey. Please be careful! That's the mom in me talking.

    Have a blast and live it up!! That's the free spirit in me talking.

  8. OMG!!! Lovvvvvv luv love it!!! Cried my eyes out. Sooooooooo happy 4 U Stevie!! Xoxo

  9. Definitely offshore if you want to dive or snorkel. Roatan is busy and touristy with all the cruise ships. Recommend the other islands like Utila or Guanaja. Even less traffic to the Hog Islands (Cayos Cochinos). Good river to kayak in La Ceiba.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I will said, this is a corompt country, I fall in love with Honduras during a previous vacation So I try to shop to buy a pieces of land in Honduras for my retirement. First NEVER trust anybody there…specialy Lawyer. second do not think a foreiger that is From you country is good to trust…if he there more then 1 years this is the worst one. to continu….I did buy a pieces of Land in Honduras after…the seller that was a Canadian…try to black mail and intimate me to make sure I spend more money….right Now they are doing the same to other…telling that they will finance you if you want to buy land in Honduras…if you planning to buy land there…NEVER NEVER take financial from those guy…they will stole your Money and sell the land to other one…they Live with that kind of financing….making honest people loose Money.be aware of a Petrillo guys and wife. never trust

    I hope this comment will prevent other to loose hard work money.

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