I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife…

Now Introducing Tree and Stevie Trujillo!

Stevie and I got engaged last June while on a 16 day solo raft trip down the Colorado River of the Grand Canyon. I had the bright idea of asking her to marry me at the bottom of the biggest rapid on the river, Lava Falls. Pretty romantic huh? Rafts routinely flip there. I remember being really nervous. As usual, it didn’t occur to me during the idea phase that if you plan on proposing after a huge rapid, you had better stick the line. That enlightenment came to me only moments before we ran the rapid. The chances of getting a “YES” drop significantly if you flip the would-be bride into a giant turbulent rapid prior to popping the question. I got us down the rapid upright, and she delivered a big YES! That was followed by a request that we get married in every country in the world. Every country in the world, really? Yes. Well, by the end of the trip I had negotiated it down to every continent. What can I say, I’m married to a hopeless romantic. One down and six to go.

Read the engagement post – Click Here
See the engagment photos – Click Here

Neither of us ever wanted a big traditional wedding. We both envisioned ourselves on a tropical beach with a couple of friends, me wearing board shorts and Stevie in a simple white dress. For the last 8 months we’ve been looking for the perfect spot. We finally found it in Playa El Tunco, El Salvador.

Our special day was everything we hoped for and more. We woke up and had breakfast at our favorite restaurant. I got an hour massage, and Stevie finished an article she’s been working on. As the day wound down I relaxed in a hammock while Stevie got ready.

At sunset we walked down to the beach where our friends were waiting. We were joined by 3 other overlanding couples. I won’t go into too much detail when you can just watch it for yourself here –

View Wedding Video

I guess you could say that I feel like the luckiest man on the planet. I found the woman of my dreams. She completes me in every way imaginable. She is a wanderlust and loves to travel. She is smart and articulate and beautiful and perfect in every way. I’m so happy. –


Here we are in the middle of the ceremony. Instead of a Bible, Chad brought the Lonely Planet Guide Book for Central America. Very fitting. During our vows a huge overhead set of waves rolled in. I planned that.

Our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs Trujillo

Kiki was the maid of honor and she looked beautiful. She was catching the eye of more than a few stray dogs on the beach.
The scenery where we got married was absolutely breathtaking. Right in front of the jagged rocks of Tunco at sunset.
Just what we always dreamed. A sunset wedding on the beach. It was even a full moon and we got to watch that come up after the sun went down.

Let the record show our wedding occurred in the country of El Salvador, as recorded in this photo with the flags…

After the wedding we all went to dinner at our favorite restaurant. I surprised Stevie with a bottle of her favorite, 7 Anos Havana Club Rum…
We want to give a very special thanks to our overlanding family, who, with no planning or prep, showed up and helped make our wedding day fabulous. Chad, thanks for doing our ceremony. Emily, thanks for shooting so many great photos. Dave and Ann, thanks for great photos and sunset cocktails. And thanks Paul and Jetske for coming to the wedding despite having food poisoning. We are privileged to be on the road with such great people.
Chad and Emily
Dave and Ann


  1. You guys rock. Everything in style. That's what I love about you guys. You have style. Best to the whole tribe!

  2. Well Son, you are the luckiest man in the world, and I am the luckiest dad in the world to have Stevie as a daughter. We will celebrate your marriage when we gather in May in Cozumel. Love you both…

  3. Una Despedida. Yes you both have prepared long and hard to leave your old life behind. I am more proud of both of you than you can ever imagine. You are a great example of how to let go and let the positive spirit from within guide you. I love you both. Cyndi

  4. Beautiful photos! Amazing! Congratulations guys. We will toast you tonight!

  5. Welcome to the FamilyTribe my dear new daughter. I am so happy for both of you! What a lovely perfect wedding for two joyously loving people! Your happiness is contagious! We are all here tonight lifting our wine glasses to you and sending you our love. We love you both so very very much.

  6. Glorious in all regards…thanks for sharing the great story and photos of Tree and Stevie…made my heart swell and sent emotions into my belly : )

    Well done…you are both very lucky people to have found each other and it is joyous to see you together.


    Lynn (SOTW ALUM)

  7. From Diane~
    Words cannot convey how incredibly happy I am for both of you . . . such a beautiful ceremony! Pretty awesome bride & groom (maid of honor, too) . . .so so happy, as you continue your journey onward with each other . . .now, with one life in front of you!! Looking forward to celebrating with you both and family in May!!

  8. Looooooool I love Kiki's vail!!!!! I'm happy you guys did it!! Yayyy!
    So how does the whole process work down there? What about your passport id etc. When do you change that stuff!? Glassmans wife was giving me the low down on it. Lots of waiting in line.

  9. Jennifer Cornett says:

    Congratulations Mrs. Trujillo! Totally cried at your wedding vows video. I love how the ocean touched your feet as you kissed, sealing the deal. I'm really bummed there's no dance party wedding reception for all of us. So I'll imagine you and Tree, holding each other close, slow dancing to Journey. LOVE!!!!!!

  10. OMG congrats you to !! I am so wanting to just hit the road and live like these two amazing newlyweds I know……Especially after seeing your friends Nissan truck, not to brag but I am pretty much running the ultimate off-road expedition vehicle known to man….. You two keep it up…………………….

  11. Congratulations to you and Tree! As always, the blog posts and stories just keep getting better. Look forward to toasting you guys in person at some point!

  12. Walter Burkhardt says:

    Holy …… congrads

  13. Travis James says:

    hey you guys rock on

  14. Sophia Flores-villa says:

    omg!!! Stevie~ I am so happy for you beautiful lady! I wish you and your honey only the best….congrats!

  15. Sheila Withers Erickson says:

    Stevie…so happy for you. You looked beautiful and your significant other ever so handsome. Cograts to you both and may you contiue to enjoy your journey as one. Cheers!

  16. Congratulations Tree, Stevie, and Kiki! Love the Vows! Perfect for your both! Much Love and Happiness Beautiful Family ! 🙂

  17. Your picuters are amazing!!! Give my cousin my love and I wish you guys all the happiness in the world. Welcome to the family I hope one day we can meet.

  18. Jock Bradley says:

    Congratulations to the two of you. May you always know joy. Live, laugh, love.

  19. Luis and Lacy @ www.lostworldexpedition.com says:

    Congrats!!! Love the LonelyPlanet guidebook instead of bible

  20. Congratulations from all of us at @OverlandExpo ! Love Kiki's maid of honor outfit 😉 …many happy years to you

  21. Tanya Diaz says:


  22. AMAZING!!!!

  23. Matt Williams says:

    Congratulations! Perfect timing on the tide rolling in just enough to get your feet wet… and Kiki managed to keep her vail clean & dry! 🙂

  24. Congratulations!!! With a big shout out from around the world.
    Dropping some tears of joy over here for you over there. They will make it to the ocean here which is like the ocean there and you will get my blessing via sea breeze. Think of that next time you get the spray of a wave while walking on the beach. It’s me blowing a little something, something your way.
    I am wishing you and Stevie all the best.
    Love you both!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. God Girl congratulations!!! I want your life honey! Keep on keeping on!

  26. Candy Eritano says:

    I am so happy for all three of you! I loved watching the ceremony. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  27. Paco LaMay says:

    oh my goodness! how lovely! thanks for posting the video it looks like it was a beautiful experience. wish i could have been there to celebrate with you. lechaim! xoxox

  28. I am so happy for both of u:) Congratulations. It was so pretty to watch, and I loved how Kiki wagged her tail at the end. Again, I'm so happy for you Stevie.

  29. LOVE YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! YES! YES ! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!
    Aloha & Alove(All our love),
    Little Lava

  30. Your Good Angel says:

    Don't screw this up Tree.

  31. Wow you two, congratulations and Stevie, welcome to the family. Your choice of location was perfect. Stevie you look so beautiful and you both are beaming. Hay are you registered anywhere LOL. Love to you both Aunt Debby & Uncle Barry

  32. Es emocionante y muy romántico. Felicitaciones!!

  33. So beautiful…congrats and endless blessings!

  34. CONGRATS GORGEOUS!!!! It looks like you're living an amazing life full of adventure & romance. I know it's been forever but I've always had such fond memories of our days at the store & our nights partying, FUN!! I'm so happy you have found your bliss. xoxoLove Lola.

  35. Stevie! Congratulation! Im so happy for u!!!

  36. beautiful couple, beautiful place, beautiful friends… thanks for sharing photos/video on the blog. made me smile and i'm so happy for you guys.

  37. Congratulations from a couple of the ´La Sombra´ family!!!
    All the best on your travels. paul and renee

  38. Congratulations! Just watched the video. The word were so powerful. The ceremony was so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Congrats Mr & Mrs Tree

  40. Congratulations! So happy for you both. Amazing news.

  41. Hey guys, what great news. You guys are an inspiration.

  42. Grizzley Sprowl says:

    Just wanted to Congratulations to the newly weds /Wishing Plenty years of Bliss for both of you to come! and also for adding me as a friend on FB, i really appreciate it. Thankyou very Much-Grizz

  43. Congratulations! So Beautiful….

  44. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. You guys did it right! (and Kiki looks adorable!)

  45. Wayne Wardlow says:

    You can have mine, Stevie! Congrats!

  46. Awesome!



  47. yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i still want a secular party so that all of us who love you can celebrate the union. Can't wait for the pictures.

    love you both!
    stevie trujillo, lets please chat soon

  48. The Jacobis says:

    So beautiful.
    hugs and love,

    Lisa Jacobi, Joe Jacobi, Seu Jane Jacobi (Bebe, Seymour, Lily <– the poodles)

  49. MAZEL TOV!!!!!!

  50. Auntie Coco says:

    you guys are AWEEEEEEEEEEEESOME!!!!!!!
    There is only one other person I live through, David Kuzen who is in Indonesia surfing the best waves in the world!!!!
    But he is lonely:(
    Dont ever forget these days!!!!

    Auntie Coco

  51. Nice work both of you!

  52. Alan Trujillo says:

    Happy For You !

  53. Joyce and George says:

    So suave, so romantic, so beautiful. Sending all our love, Joyce&George

  54. Dear Tree and Stevie, congratulations! I am so happy for you two. What a beautiful setting and perfect day. Wow!

  55. Alexis Colette Mobley says:

    Congratulations to both of you….on your love, united-ness, and finding the true meaning of love, life, and spirituality for yourselves; it is and your two are truly beautiful souls!!! Best wishes in your travels and marriage!!! xoxox

  56. wicked photos guys! congrats

  57. Stevie!!!!!! SO BEAUITIFUL!!!!! Love what you are doing and how you are dong it!!!!! Have the time of your life and please congratulate Tree for us!!!! So many kisses for you!!!!

  58. Chris Davenport says:

    Hey guys, what happened to Vegas? El Salvador? Really?

  59. The dream wedding for sure, Congrats!

  60. Congratulations! Here's to the next chapter of a wonderful adventure! ~ JH & Jenn (and Rosie)

  61. Congratulations, what are you going to do for a honeymoon??? From the entire Simko family, we love you and wish you a life time of love and adventure….and babies

  62. jeremy jones says:

    I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!!!! TINK-TINK-TINK-TINK- Here's to my long-loved friend Stevie and her ally Tree, whom I have yet to meet in the flesh, but hold high esteem for. I can't say I'm not jealous (hee-hee, ha-ha, go on…)… nor that it's a wonder that another man realized what a magnificent creature this woman is. And my heart is full at the very beauty and perfection of their union. I mean, it just makes sense. (right, right? Amen.) So congratulations you two. And in the words of Al B. Sure "Make it Last Forever.. and evah.. and evah…". This is where we cheers! Love you! Forever, Ernest Jeremy Jones.

  63. We are really happy for you guys. Wish we could have bin there to support but I know you guys wanted it simple and beautiful. It looked amazing and the lonely planet option was fucking perfecto. Can't wait to cross paths with you again amigo. Tell Stevie that she looked amazing. But my girl Kik stole the show. God Bless.
    Lorenzo's over and out.

  64. Justin Venable says:


  65. Wow, really cool guys. I want to get married in board shorts barefoot too! Not fair…

  66. Miguel Angel Maruri says:

    felizidades yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

  67. Muy kewlisimo you three.
    Specially liked the mini sneaker wave lapping around your feet as you enjoyed your first kiss as husband and wife *sniffs*

    Uncle Mick

  68. Hey guys, what are you doing for the honeymoon? Vegas? Hawaii? Ever been to LA?

  69. Tony and Rebecca says:

    Hey Guys! You didi it! Congrats.

  70. - Mexican Trailrunner says:

    Absolute fabulous! Felicitades y milliones de años amor!
    Great pics and stunning ceremony.
    Muchas alohas,

  71. Thats it? I kinda expected more out of Sprinter Life. Sunset on a beach in paradise… so average. I give you guys a c+

    Try again on the next continent

  72. Veronica G says:

    Congratulations Stevie and Tree !!!

    You both won the lottery in life and love <3 <3 <3

    personally i think this counts as the "continent of Central America" so i hope to be at your wedding in the "continent of South America."

    Hare Krisha / Namaste !!!!!!!!!

  73. Yaay! Congratulations!

  74. Jene Fielder says:

    What wonderful News,,,Congratulations Stevie. Love to both of you!!!

  75. That's great. Cheers!

  76. Carla Shelton says:

    Congratulations Tree and Stevie!! And Angela to your new family addition!

  77. Whatta??? Fantastic!! unURBAN congatulations!
    Espen & Malin

  78. Yay! Congratulations : )

  79. Congratulations to both of you. Welcome to the family. I sure enjoy reading about your journey. I hope that our paths cross one day

  80. Hey, who was the best man???

  81. Mike Kelley says:

    Congratulations Stevie!!

  82. Drew Marquart says:

    Congrates you two that is awesome. I'm so happy for you guys.

  83. You two actually give me hope that a marriage can work. . . the respect, love and support you give each other is so rare and awesome. Take care of that love, now. Take care of each other.

  84. Michelle Hamilton says:

    I love u so much my sister… U r truly blessed and u r both in my thoughts on ur journey… I miss u so much .. I miss our cuddle time n sleepovers;).. Congratulations my love;)

  85. Cathy Fanandakis Alexander says:

    Congratulations Stevie to you and your husband ! May you have wonderful life's journey together with lots of romance and love!

  86. Wow, Congratulations!

  87. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. RobertSmithDaveGahan says:

    But he did point out how cool it was that the water crashed on the beach at your feet right as you kissed as husband and wife. "CONGRATULATIONS"
    <3 <3 <3

    (Veronica Grey shared this video with her lover who now concludes his life sucks in comparison. ha ha ha.)

  89. Way to set the bar nice and high. The cerimony looked amazing

  90. Chris Shinpaugh says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Mr. & Mrs. Trujillo!! Love You! From Christopher , Emma and Payton

  91. Mr. and Mrs. Trujillio,
    Congratulation from Thailand!!!!
    This is the best news for us we really happy for you guys.
    Love you two.
    Eric and Tik

  92. OH MY GOSH!!! I've been in Palm Springs and I just checked my e-mail. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have tears of joy on my face after watching the video. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Stevie is radiant and my Kiki was a beautiful bridesmaid, just like Mom said!! I am so very happy for you guys!
    Love you lots,

  93. Dave Leher says:

    Good job Tree,married!!!! Lot's of love on the new life Stevie. Keep it real my friend! Make a smart baby..with lot's of ???'s Blessings….

  94. Selena Sanchez says:

    So happy for u two:)

  95. reagan gagnon says:

    i just finally watched the video…the pictures were gorgeous, but the video has the vows- and they were so beautiful!!!

    congratulations! i hope to toast your perfect union in the coming months in the flesh.

    my love to all of you. wrap each other up tight in the love you share.

  96. Congrats Cuzzy!!! Welcome to the Family Tree, Tree. love you guys joEy

  97. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures says:

    AMAZING!!!!! I have tears in my eyes. This was such an incredible ceremony. Many blessings to you both! I wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness and love 🙂

  98. Just discovered you and your blog. Congratulations on your marriage from a fellow traveling-with-the-dog family. That’s a beautiful dress…

  99. Brenda de Klerk says:

    Absolutely incredible!! you shine!! If i can get my wish…this is how I want me and Dannhauser to make wows!! I love it!!

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