Playa Tunco – Surfing’s Best Kept Secret

We’ve settled into the tiny little beach town of Tunco on the Pacific Coast of El Salvador. This little gem is one of the best kept secrets in the surfing world. World class breaks line the coast for 40 miles in each direction. Right in front of the town there is a stomping left reef break and a super long right point break. We lucked into finding the perfect place to stay located right in front of these two amazing waves. I can just walk out front and surf twice a day. We have a secure parking spot for the van and a private room with a bathroom and internet. Plus there is a kitchen so Stevie can cook. All of this for a whopping $15 per night. We’re going to stay here for as long as possible!

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. El Salvador is a surfing paradise. Uncrowded waves, consistent swell, and world class breaks. Tunco is located 10 minutes up the coast from the town of La Libertad. If you’re considering a surf vacation but want something less crowded than Hawaii, Nic, Costa Rica, or Mexico, email me and I’ll send you all the info you need to make a trip to Tunco a reality.

We’re really happy to be back at the ocean. Other than great waves, highlights include the hammock hang in front of our room and the most spectacular sunsets we’ve seen in years. We’ve fallen in love with El Salvador.


  1. Wow- looks like a place to stay for awhile!

  2. Waves look great. catch one for me

  3. I have nothing sarcastic or controversial to say about this post. Well done, carry on making all your readers jealous and enjoy the surf…

  4. Looks like the "perfect" beach!! Awesome! Cant wait to hear more! Love – Indra

  5. A perfect place for you two Valentines to hang out in a little nest for a while. I am happy for you.

  6. Wow! So beautiful.

  7. Scott Jones says:

    Enough wind for Kite boarding?

  8. Hey Scott,
    Haven't seen any kite boarders down here. It gets windy in the afternoon sometimes, but its usually blowing off shore.

  9. shhhh, keep it a secret???? why the hell would you make a blog about this place? learn to surf, and surf travel. fuckheads like you that ruin surfing.

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