Declaring Impossible Goals…

And now, for our next act Sprinter Life will DRIVE AROUND THE WORLD!

When I was in the 5th grade I told all the girls in my class that I was going to be a pro football player for the San Francisco 49ers. I repeated that statement to the girls in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Sadly I never made the cut. The NFL scouts just weren’t interested in an undersized Mexican who fumbled the ball. Go figure.

I clearly decided at an early age that I was going to engage life by declaring my impossible, improbable, and seemingly unattainable goals as fact, out loud, to anyone who would listen, over and over again. I’m not sure why I did it, but over time I realized that shameless public declaration actually helped to manifest these goals. It doesn’t always work. Sometimes I just look like an idiot (note the NFL example above). Nevertheless I continued to declare far fetched goals louder and more frequently. DRIVE AROUND THE WORLD. When I say that to myself it seems like such a monstrous feat and it sounds kinda scary. So, I’ll just keep saying it to others.

Do we know how long it will take? Not really. Do we know the overland route? Nope. Can we afford it? Not sure. I can tell you that it is indeed possible. By using boats to cross oceans and rivers, you can literally drive around the entire planet, continent by continent. The journey includes North America to South America, Africa to Europe, across Russia into Asia, down through the South Pacific Islands, and across Australia.

So why are we doing it? Over the last year and a half Stevie and I have driven a lot of miles through many different countries. We’ve been happy and sad, felt fear and peace, seen ruins and progress, met people who are not like us, and we’ve fallen deeper in love every day. Sprinter Life has been so much more than what we originally expected. It is literally changing who we are as people. When we moved into the Sprinter in the fall of 2009 our plan was to drive to the tip of South America. But during the journey something changed in us and the way we view the world. We have so much more to learn and through our Sprinter Life experiences we grow. So, we really have no choice. We will keep driving, around the world. TREE


  1. Excellent post…and yes, it is INDEED possible. Others have gone before you and others will go after you but it is a fantastic goal…look how far you've come already!
    When Jim & I embarked on our RTW backpack trip in 2007 we weren't sure where life would find us…at this point we are back in Oregon working and saving money because what we realized was we LOVE the nomadic lifestyle. We want to experience all of the world, see new things, meet new people and eat new food.
    Our next goal is to also drive through Central & South America and then…hopefully ship to Africa and continue on (having already been to Africa a few times and done a 3mth overland from Kenya to South Africa we can guarantee you that you don't want to miss that!)
    Keep up the great posts! (hugs & kisses to Kiki.. we too, have an old black dog – Maddy, and we love seeing Kiki's pics!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    how many miles is that exactly?

  3. Holy Macarolly. Better buy some books on tape for that drive

  4. Terri Williams says:

    i'm in love with Tree. sorry stevie, the heart wants what it wants.

  5. Excellent we are in the process of driving around the world, one country at a time, it is an achievable goal and we cant agree with you more traveling changes one forever.
    Safe travels
    Janet and Tom

  6. @Terri- He really is so lovable. Tell your heart that I understand, and I said to go ahead and let yourself love him with all your might. I do!! And then tell your other body parts that the same liberties do not apply to them. xoxo- Stevie

  7. Anonymous says:

    carry on.
    -Lil lav

  8. This sounds fabulous! I'm happy to see you guys out there doing this. Keep it going for as long as you can. And give Kiki a big kiss for me!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Tree has always been goin after the impossible…. Flying off the dog house (he thought the superman costume would help), professional kayaking, opening an Internet store (who the heck buys things off the Internet we said), Stevie (you mean the socially conscious, brilliant, HOTTIE likes my brother?) and now… Driving around the world? Well little bro… Youre about a million to one- gravities a bitch but the rest have worked out well. Declare on!. Seems to be working brilliantly!
    Love- Indra

  10. wicked bro

  11. Kerri Sherman says:

    YeaH GGGGoooooo Tree!!!!!! PAY for everything for the business with a credit card that gives you a shitload of miles first and then pay the credit cards off that month then by the time you are done with this trip you can get an around the the world trip for free or close to free. We are doing that and accumulating a ton of miles and are planning on doing the same thing when Jody is done. 🙂

  12. Ben Casados says:

    I am convinced that if more people see other parts of the the planet outside the US they will have a greater appreciation for the planet and gain greater understanding of the wonderful and gentle nature of most human beings that populate our planet. Driving around the world wow! I drove from Ecuador to Tierra del fuego and up to Bueno Aires…from there I flew home by way of New York!

    Have fun and enjoy! Cousin Bennie

  13. Monica Kelly says:


  14. you guys gonna do the whole thing in that same van?

  15. Hang on to the ball Vato.

  16. mamatuyas says:

    Hey, it's like the family tattoo you designed – "Fe". Faith.
    You've just been manifesting Faith in your dreams, all along the way,
    and most often, they do work out!
    I have absolutely no doubt that what you truly want, you will make happen.
    I plan to meet you on every continent,
    (just to check in. 🙂
    See ya in Peru.

  17. Rhonda – Thanks for the encouragement. Let us know if you guys need any info on central america!

    Janet – You guys rock. Hopefully we can connect down the road.

    Sis – I love you!

    Peter – We will not do the entire trip in this van. As a matter of fact, I beginning to research our next rig. We see this Sprinter taking us through South America, then something new.

    Lorenzo – You're the smallest linebacker I ever ran over

    Mom – Lets skype soon!


  18. You guys are living the dream. I can't believe you're going to try adn drive around the world! Good luck. 🙂

  19. Anonymous says:

    Write the book!

  20. lindsay @_thetraveller_ says:

    Things will just work themselves out as you go! I'm totally pumped for this!

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