Life in Pavones – Surf and Pizza

We’re staying at a little hotel/restaurant/hostel type place right in front of the Pavones wave. This is one of the best hangs we’ve had in months. The establishment is run by a really cool Italian woman.

Pavones is the second longest wave in the world (after Chicama, Peru). The wave breaks on larger southern swells from April through September, but we were lucky enough to catch the early swell. Though it’s considered one wave, it tends to section in the middle creating two long waves. During a strong swell the two waves will connect for a ride of over 2 km! This morning it was a 1 km ride, although I didn’t get one that long. This last swell sent in solid overhead sets.

In addition to serving the best pizza on the planet (no f’in joke), our Italian hostess also has the cutest 5 year old kid in the village. This kid reminds me of me when I was 5, running around in his Batman costume chasing imaginary villains in the heat of the day. Stevie, not understanding the fragile ego of a super hero, followed him around the yard with a camera yelling, “Oh Batman, you are too CUTE.” Newsflash babe, no legitimate super hero crime fighter wants to be called “cute”. He walked up to her with his chest puffed out, swinging his arms from side to side, and yelling in Italian what I can only assume was translated as… “Hey crazy woman, I am NOT CUTE! I am BATMAN. I am a BAD ASS!” Then he made off at high speed on his Bat-Mobile. Incidentally this kid speaks 4 languages. His mom speaks 6. What the hell is wrong with me. I’m still struggling with Spanish.

Kiki getting her beach lurk on while Daddy surfs…

Sprinter taking a well deserved 2 week break from the road. Notice the Stand Up boards are no longer on the roof. Yeah, sold those things. They weren’t getting used and they were f’in up our gas mileage. That plus I almost knocked my two front teeth out last time I took one out. Guess I’m losing my pallet for danger as I approach yet another birthday, which is coming up WAY too fast. Just send your presents to Thanks. TREE


  1. I want Pizza now!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That pizza is humungous! Are you eating it for three days?

  3. mamatuyas says:

    Oh yeah, I remember your love of Batman and Superman. You'd wear your Superman pajamas around all day (with cape) – and kept jumping off the doghouse, trying to fly. After your knees got banged up enough, you came in and stuffed big wads of toilet paper down into your pajama legs to protect your knees, and changed your jump-off 'technique' – but you kept on trying to fly! When I found you up on the roof it pretty much scared the bijeebies out of me. . .
    Some things never change.

    Your Birthday deserves absolute CELEBRATION Tree –
    You are fitting about 30 life-times of experience into one life.
    I am so happy for you.
    Love you Stars,

  4. John Rich says:

    Wow! Now that's a good looking pizza.

  5. MOM! This is a public blog! The only person allowed to embarrass me is ME!
    Can't wait to see you. Love you – TREE

    ps. To my loyal fans, for the record I never "stuffed" big wads of toilet paper anywhere. My scars, and everything else, are Au Naturel!

  6. Scott Jones says:

    Speaking of fuel economy…what has it been? Boards up. Boards down?
    BTW,i hope you and Stevie didn't eat that pizza all by yourselves!

  7. Hi Scott,

    Before the roof rack we use to get around 23 miles per gallon in the sprinter. Now its closer to 21. Still pretty good for a big van!

    And I hate to admit it, but we did eat the whole pizza by ourselves. Gonna do it again tonight!

    cheers bro

  8. Lynn Hamonn says:

    Wow…lol, I was in Punta Blanco and Pavones for 3 weeks and then another week a little further north this time last year. I stayed at the Yoga Farm in Punta Blanco. It's a hike up the hill at the end of the road right before there is no road! Christie and Patrick run the place and are great surfers and wonderful people and always up to meeting likeminded folks. Please tell them I said hello if you get around to visiting their place.

  9. laird davis says:

    highly recommendyou go to carribean side and check out salsa brava. there's another break about 3 miles south of the main break that's also nice. also playa negra – black sand beach.
    also – if you go to Manuael Antonio hire a ghia for a nature hike – you'll see twice as much with a ghia.

  10. Walter Burkhardt says:

    that looks incredible!

  11. Maui Meyer says:

    Helmet, faceguard and stand-up board…..that’s what you need…… J The Surfers will L.O.V.E. you for that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cool surf photos. I've been surfing 45 yrs now, and I can sum up any area in a second, I'm kinda tricky crazy clever like that.
    My advice at this place, when you catch the wave ……. go left *grin*

    Hey, at some point you guys will enter Patagonia, home of sheep with synthetic wool used in PataGuuci garments.
    Seriously, there is a Welsh community there – moved over there a long time ago, you should see if you can find 'em, Here's a few Welsh phrases – "Bore Da" – Good Day, "Siariad Cymraeg" – Do you speak Welsh, "Eisteddwch" – please sit, and "Rwyf fi wedi mynd yr Llanfairpwllgwengychllwyndrobychllantisilliogogoch" – I am going to Llanfairpwllgwengychllwyndrobychllantisilliogogoch or Llanfair PG as the locals in N. Wales call it.

    Uncle Mick

  13. reagan gagnon says:

    sold the stand-ups? oh no! ive been loving sup's more and more all the time. perhaps that's because the water here is 38 degrees, and the only way i can play on it without being IN it is on a sup. i envy the warmth that you guys are lolling in. congrats on declaring the world overland intentions- may the remover of obstacles be with you.

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