Playa Aserradores – Northern Nicaragua

Rolling into Nicaragua I had one thought on my mind, surfing! This country is famous for its uncrowded waves. Most people who do travel here to surf go to the south, but since we were coming in from the north I was stoked when our friend Jordan in El Salvador told me about a little property that he claimed was paradise. Located just north of Marina Puesta Del Sol (translation, Sunset Marina), Hotel Chancletas sits right in front of a famous surf spot know as “The Boom Wave”. The owners are American and they’ve set up an amazing destination. Great affordable rooms, internet connection, and a fabulous restaurant are the bullet points. But the real draw is the view and location. You literally have your own private beach and wave right out front.

This is the view looking out from the restaurant at Hotel Chancletas. We’ve got the same view from the sunset rack on the Sprinter. Insane hang. We are loving it…

Shay and his wife Loretta are the owners of Chancletas. Shay rips pretty hard. Here he is going backside on the Boom Wave…

Another surfer goes left on the Boom Wave. This thing is pretty sweet when it’s working. I’ll post some photos of me as soon as I figure out how to ride it without getting pounded. Give me a few days…

Family beach time. Our favorite.
Here is Sprinter Life’s exact coordinates in Northern Nicaragua…


  1. Holy crap I want your life.

    Tree, check your email. I just sent you some old school boating photos. nice blog. I'll be following along.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh! Every where you land only seems to be more and more beautiful, incredible and amazing! And now safe!! Enjoy! And I know that is really an understatement! Hugs:-)Diane

  3. Nadine and Justin says:

    That looks like a hell of a good time

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tree, I expect to see you on that wave

  5. mamatuyas says:

    FAB.UL.OUS! How long will you be hanging there?

  6. the beer looks great

  7. Dave Leher says:

    your dog should write a book!

  8. Hey guys, I was talking to Angela and she is thinking about going to Panama. You guys are getting close. What is your ETA to arrive there?

  9. coydogsf says:

    Wow you guys. So many great pictures of the two of you – and Kiki! I seriously hope the quality of your photos doesn't precipitously decline for some unknown reason after this post!


    CC: Chief Legal Counsel Association of Amalgamated Travel Photographers

  10. Dear Dave,
    At this time we do not anticipate a decline in the quality of our photos. We maintain a full staff of professional photo scouts who travel 2-5 days ahead of Sprinter Life. They shoot locations that we may be interested in before we even get there. Sprinter Life has people who work for people who know people. There is someone in an office cubicle right now working on our next round of photos. Someone is sitting in a high-rise right this second photoshopping the dark circles out from under my eyes on a post you haven't even dreamed of. We should be just fine through Panama.
    Carry on,

    CC: Up Your Butt with a Coconut

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dude you Surfed Cardiff Reef in the winter Go For It!!!
    Peace Out!!

  12. Rambo, you know me. I went for it. I tried surfing it 5 days in a row. I broke one board, cut my face with my fin getting rolled, and had multiple hold downs. After all that I caught 1 wave. I'm done. NEXT!

  13. Anonymous says:

    That place looks fab! Where is the nearest airport and if yu flew in wuld you have to rent a car to get there?

  14. Hi guys thanks for the tip but we're a bit further down the road. In San Jan del Sur now. Not sure how we'll tear ourselves away, but planning to go to Costa Rica tomorrow. All the best M&C

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