Red Hot Lava and Firetrucks – Sprinter Life Tour Continues

After leaving Lake Apoyo we decided to get a closer look at one of the Nicaraguan Volcanos, so we drove to Masaya Volcano. This is one of those attractions that would just never fly in the USA. For $5 you can drive to the crater rim of an active smoking volcano and peer over the edge into the lava spewing abyss. The “guard” looks the other way when you hop the 3 foot safety fence to get a closer look. A weird sulfur taste enters your mouth while volcano fumes creep into your lungs. You feel dizzy. You take another deep breath. Ahhhh, It’s the best $5 high ever.

Although this thing hasn’t erupted since 2001, it still looks rather angry. The last eruption killed people right where we were standing. I wasn’t scared or anything, but it was already hot and the orange lava below only increase the temperature. My imagination was running. This was the type of place they use to sacrifice virgins thousands of years ago. Luckily there are none of those in this family. Wait a second… Kiki… Oh my god Kiki, RUN!

From the Volcano we headed toward Granada, one of the most famous cities in the Americas. Founded in 1524, Granada is probably the oldest city in Central America. It has a long and rich history. For the most part Granada avoided damage during the years of conflict in the 1980s, so the buildings are preserved and beautiful. Our first order of business whenever we enter a new city is to find a place to stay. We were in the mood to save money and wanted to sleep in the van. All we needed was a safe place to park, and where better than the fire station! With a little sweet talking from Stevie we paid $2.50 and were allowed to park inside the firehouse compound which is only 2 blocks from the main square. One of the firemen asked if I was Stevie’s husband. When she replied “yes” he asked if she wanted another one. I smiled politely before realizing he looked serious. 
If you live in Granada and your house catches on fire, I recommend evacuation. Although the Bomberos are a lively bunch of fellows, chances are they won’t be arriving to extinguish your fire in a timely fashion. Aside from their extra curricular activities with your wife, I’m not even 100% sure the fire engines would start up in an emergency.
After putting in my Outdoorplay work time at the Euro Cafe, we spent the rest of the day strolling around the city taking in the sites. Over all we really liked Granada. It has been compared to Antigua in Guatemala and I would say that is accurate, only there are far less white people here. The buildings are beautiful and the people are friendly. The food and drinks in Nicaragua are really cheap compared to its northern neighbors. We tried to take advantage of the generous happy hour specials on our stroll through town. I think we did a pretty good job. The other thing that is completely absent from this country is guns. Guns were everywhere in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Nicaragua feels so safe after driving through those other countries. 
Whenever we sleep in the van to save money, we allow our food budget to increase for the day. Granada has some amazing restaurants. I enjoyed a feast of sausages from 4 different countries! Stevie got the Filet Mignon with Gorgonzola. Heaven.
From here we will continue our tour through inland Nicaragua before heading back to the coast to look for more manageable surf. Time is ticking as my April 2nd flight to the USA approaches. I will be returning to Oregon for 2 weeks for Outdoorplay while Stevie hangs in Costa Rica solo. I won’t be leaving her near any fire stations, that’s for sure! TREE


  1. Logan & Brianna says:

    Glad the fire station in Granada worked out!

    We're just about to head north of San Juan del Sur for a bit of surfing.

    Hoping to meet up soon,

  2. Logan & Brianna says:

    Glad the fire station in Granada worked out!

    We're just about to head north of San Juan del Sur for a bit of surfing.

    Hoping to meet up soon,

  3. Tree, be careful. Women love a man in uniform

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great blog Tree. You are FUNNY.

  5. What? No pics of the fireman? Did you delete him? (the photos I mean)
    Man, those fire engines are OLD.

  6. Veronica says:

    She'll be safe with me Tree ūüôā

  7. Darren – I am not intimidated nor do I feel threatened. I've got game. Mad game.

    Mom – yes, I deleted the photos of the Bomberos draped over my wife's shoulder

    Veronica – I will be doing a thorough background check on you before leaving Costa Rica. Stay tuned.

  8. Is kiki really the only virgin in the family guys? Common, accurate reporting please.

  9. Happy to hear you are in a safe area! Kiki is lucky you didn't sacrifice her to the volcano as I'm sure she is the only virgin in the family and maybe the only grownup! You two are so fun to read. Don't surf any Tsunami! Love Aunt Debby and Uncle Barry

  10. Travis James says:

    Looks really cool guys…or should I say really hot?

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