Watch Out Pro-Tour, Here comes Stevie!

Watch out Kelly Slater, here comes Sprinter Life star and upcoming pro surfer STEVIE! After ripping the recent swell in Uvita Costa Rica, husband and manager TREE was forced to whisk her away at high speeds as hungry sponsors chased them north to Playa Hermosa. And yes, those are webbed hot pink paddle surfing gloves. You better recognize sucka!

While STEVIE dominated the line-up, sponsors from Red Bull, Quicksilver, and Coke lavished gifts on Sprinter Life Diva KIKI in hopes of influencing the Sprinter Life management team…

Unfortunately for the sponsors, contest surfing is not STEVIE’s main focus at this point in her career. What is? Eradicating bad behavior from the line-up. Does your surf break suffer from thuggy localism? For a small fee Sprinter Life surfing star STEVIE will come in and clean out the riff-raff. Featuring a Kung-Fu wave riding style, STEVIE will have rude mouthy drop-in surfers running to the beach in fear.

Yes, this is what your break could look like after STEVIE cleans up the line-up. Say good-bye to crowds forever! Contact TREE at SPRINTER LIFE for pricing and availability. Warm water only. Certain restrictions apply. Cloudy days excluded. Void where prohibited.
-Sprinter Life Management


  1. Go Stevie, you rock!!! Streak broken!



  3. What the hell is that green sludge in the water? Gross. Nice riding though Stevie. ūüôā

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stevie, Is there ANYTHING you can't do?

  5. Peter – relax, the green stuff is only algae. It's common in the ocean. I swear. It had nothing to do with the fact that I was standing there at the time, ankle deep in that warm ocean water.

    Ann – We miss you guys. Are you on a boat yet or what?

    Darren – shut up!

    Anonymous – Yes, there is something she can't do. She can't seem to leave the republicans alone. That kung-fu punch is for reals. WHACHOUT


  6. April Huneycutt says:

    I say both!!! It's contest and soul all wrapped into 1.

  7. Tree,
    Yay, Team Nomad! Loved watching that video – you two are so supportive of each other!
    I've never heard a single unkind comment about your mate from either of you.
    Loving words and encouragement – the secret for happiness!

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