I suck at being a MAN

I suck at doing manly stuff. I don’t know engines. I’m not technical or mechanical. Need something fixed? Don’t call me. I don’t know how to use half my tools. Seriously, I only bought them to fill the box. Plus I don’t like to get dirty.

My gifts lie in identifying the things I’m NOT good at, and then surrounding myself with people who are. Arriving back in Costa Rica I had 3 critical manly things that needed to get done on the van. So I went on a mission to find the manliest man I know, my pal Chad from Pleasure Device. Luckliy Pleasure Device wasn’t far away. They were set up in a little surf town called Esterrillos Oeste only 30 mintutes south.

After arriving in the heat of the day, I proceeded to rope Chad into the projects. First up was to install the new van refrigerator. The guy at the store told me, “the installation is a slam dunk, plug and play, a monkey could do it.” That last part was enough to convince me that I needed Chad’s help. Turns out it wasn’t plug and play, and thank god Chad knew all about wiring, shimming, fuses, and capping propane. He did let me hold the lighter and melt a plastic thingy.

Next up was replacing the turbo resonator again. If you follow the blog you’ll remember that this part died on us back in Honduras (read that post here). Luckily I was carrying the spare factory part. But there was no way I was gonna let that happen again. The best offense is a good defense. I found a custom built all metal version of the plastic part online and brought it back from the States. It’s called the ELIMINATOR! Won’t have to worry about that little problem again suckas.

Chad’s next job wasn’t so easy. I wanted him to build wood panels that block off all entrances to the cabin of the van. Why would we do this? Good question. For those who don’t know, there are no roads that connect Central and South America. There is a 100 mile stretch of jungle between Panama and Colombia called the Darien Gap. The only way around this is to ship your vehicle on a freighter. Our van won’t fit into a container, so we’re going to have to hand over our keys. Someone will drive the van onto the boat and we’ll fly south and pick it up in Columbia 2 days later.  All we can do is hope that nobody is motivated enough to cut through our protective wood panels and rob us blind. Joy. FYI, We plan to ship to South America at the end of May.

After the work was done, Pleasure Device sprung a little birthday surprise on us. They had secured a really nice bottle of champagne. We love these guys. They are so amazing! The sad thing is that we’re not going to see them again for a long time. They are heading to Tierra Del Fuego as well, but they plan to lurk in Costa for another 2-3 months. By the time they leave we’ll be deep into South America. Eventually we’ll see them, but probably not until fall or maybe even winter.

I think Chad was pretty shook up about it. As we pulled away he followed the ADVENTURES OF PLEASURE LIFEtradition of waving and running next to the vehicle. He even tried to climb into my window. He was doing well until I hit the gas, which sent him spinning and almost falling to the pavement. It was awesome. Goodbye Pleasure. We love you guys. TREE


  1. Stephen Novak says:

    What'd you think of Oeste? I spent a ton of time there over the last few years.

  2. Oeste is really cool. Our friends from Pleasure Device are basically running the Low Tide bar, so we had a pretty good hang there. We camped right n front of the bar. Not a bad view. The wave is pretty inconsistent though. The reef is so scattered and it tends to break randomly al over the place. Oeste blows Jaco away though. And I'd put it on par with HErmosa.

  3. coydogsf says:

    Bah! I could replace a turbo resonator eliminator on a 2006 Sprinter with my eyes closed. It's all about using the teeny tiny wrench. Now, changing four flat tires in one day while stuck axle deep in sand? Yeah, I'll leave that to Chad… (nice Tree impression in those last pics, BTW, Chad)

    So the fridge made it in one piece? Running well and keeping Kiki's water cold? Nice work.


  4. DAVE! We miss you guys too man. Adventures Of Pleasure Life just isn't the same without ADVENTURE! The fridge made it and is fully operational, thanks to chad. We've got panels built and we're ready to ship. I'm researching shipping into Venezuela instead of Columbia. Then we could work our way back to Columbia and down the pacific side. We still think you guys should fly in somewhere. Maybe Peru? TREE

    ps. And please, for the love of god, don't call my wrench tiny. Thanks. Carry on.

  5. Dude, we all know how handy you are. You're damn lucky to have a friend like that. So did he actually roll on the pavement? That would have been really cool.

  6. Anonymous says:

    better to know what you're not good at and get help than struggle and screw it up. Hope you're learning as you go though

  7. Bergum @ b4x4.no says:

    It's good to have Chad's around the world….

  8. "My gifts lie in identifying the things I'm NOT good at, and then surrounding myself with people who are."

    This is called entrepreneurial talent in the business world!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wait until your flux capacitor goes out – a much harder fix.
    It's nice to see Tree without goosebumps !!
    Angela – I know you read this blog – what kinda mother sends her kid out in winter without nice warm clothes ??!! *grins*


  10. dynamite says:

    What you can't see are the tears welling up in my eyes behind those sunglasses. Oh, SprinterLife, why?! Why do you always leave? I guess it's my own fault for loving too much. 'Teeny tiny wrench' will always mean 'Tree' to me.
    'The Chad'-pleasuredevice

  11. Oh Chad, don't pretend like those tears were from the sadness of Sprinter Life leaving. I saw you it the pavement. That would have made even the burliest man tear up.

    We'll miss you guys! Send me an email when your URL is spinning and we'll do some search engine work on it.
    Love TREE

  12. Paul has been keeping me up to date on your adventures and I finally signed on to your Sprinter Life site. You guys have taken some of the most amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing, keep it up, I look forward to many more

  13. A man does not know everything. He doesn't try. He likes what other men know. Feliz Cumpleaños Mi Querido Hijo.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness you are amazing at being a man in all of the most important ways. You're Honorable. Loving. Courageous. Giving. Honest. Fun. Innovative. Loyal. Kind. and have Humility. It's nice that you can joke about your weak spots and like others have said, know how to surround you self with those who help smooth out your wrinkles. That makes you very Wise too.
    You ya- Sis.

  15. Anonymous says:

    That shoulda said "love ya". Damn iPad

  16. I feel like a proud father. I was there when you learned righty tighty lefty loosey.

  17. must be nice to have cold storage again huh guys! travel safe. Thanks again for the beers.

  18. Anonymous says:

    nice to see the Sprinter up and running again. Cold beer anyone?

  19. Hey Mick, YOU know that I haven't had any "motherly influence" over his clothes-choices (or anything else!) since he was about eleven (maybe six). He's always been the adventurer, on the road, making his own decisions (and only coming home every so often for family hugs, surgery after-care, and green-frosting-cookies). He did OK in borrowed clothes and shoes from his brother and friends. But boy did he miss that South American sunshine!

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