Sprinter Life Family Letters #2

I heart you

Dear love,  it’s been strange without you here.  I thought that after spending twelve thousand nine hundred and sixty hours nonstop together inside the van that I’d appreciate this alone time a little more. Finally, I can putter my way through the day without having to hear you say, “Where’s your list?”  I can read my Kindle until the wee hours without you complaining that it’s past nine o’clock.  Too bad your loofah isn’t here for me to use, or else I could have a real party!

But, sadly, doing all of the above is no fun when you’re not here.

Kiki misses you too. I tried to do your special thing with her this morning, but she wasn’t convinced. I just don’t have that ‘morning person’ personality.

I got my hair cut. Pretty spiffy, right?

There was a party in the house. Katie, Zach’s sister, hosted a fiesta for her boyfriend’s birthday. She prepped, primped, and preened all day, and the busyness made me miss you more.  I love doing things for you, for Kiki, for us. It’s the inches and seconds that count most in life, and I feel like without being able to show the enormity of my love in little ways, I begin to fade away. If Descartes believed that thinking proved his existence (Cogito Ergo Sum), then I’d have to say that scratching your head proves mine.

Poor Kiki is taking the brunt of this. It’s been a long time since she’s had to endure all my scrumptious lovin’ and honestly, I think she feels a bit smothered. It’s hot. She doesn’t want to cuddle. She can’t wait for you to come home.

Veronica and I have been friends since high school. She’s brilliant, brave, beautiful, and unapologetically herself. I love her dearly. And, she’s our first official Sprinter Life visitor!! One day she hopes to buy the Sprinter and start her own Pan-American adventure. More to come on that later….
Being at School of the World has been awesome. Veronica gifted me a couple surf classes, and she’s imparted much wisdom concerning the world of self-publishing. I’m feeling very inspired about some secret projects that I can’t wait to share with you in person.
On a side note, I now have to take not five but ten photos of myself before I find one that I like. I hate aging.At least you and I are growing old together. Somehow that makes it more appealing. LOVE ALWAYS + FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER, STEVIE.


  1. an honor and a privilege to ACTUALLY SIT IN THE INFAMOUS SPRINTER !!!!!!!!!!!

    and to read these love letter exchanges between the modern day Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her beau.

    PS you never have to grow old if you don't want. ha ha (see my link ūüôā

  2. Good Morning Lover,
    I miss you and Kiki so much! I'm glad you're getting out to surf and working on the secret project. Can't wait to hear more about it. I'll be offline a lot today. My brothers knee surgery is at 2pm and then I'll be driving him to Seattle. Lets Skype tonight though.

    ps. Please send me the 9 out of 10 photos that you don't post. I love every picture of you and want to save every one.

  3. mamatuyas says:

    You two are beautiful.

  4. Auntie Coco says:

    awwww………Now Im lonely too!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful indeed. How lovely your expression of finding the real meaning in being part of the ritual, part of the Us. I love you both and an so grateful that you two love so Deeply. – Indra

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