Sprinter Life Family Letters #3

4-7-11 – Hi baby. Greetings from the Northwest where I’ve been getting my Seattle lurk on. It’s cold and rainy here, but only for 23 hours a day. The sun shot through the clouds at around 2:15 this afternoon so we all ran outside for 4 minutes. It was rad.

4-8-11 – Dear Lover, Today was great. We all went to Joeys for lunch. Adam’s knee is doing much better and this was his first outing since the surgery. In addition to a great meal, we also learned proper urinal etiquette. Now you’ll be able to take me anywhere! I also stumbled on my Mom’s Peru guidebook which clearly demonstrates her enthusiasm to come visit us. My mom has invented a breakthrough color-coded horizontal to vertical exterior notes indexing system which cross references multi-colored highlighted passages from inside the book. Don’t get any ideas Sprinter Life readers. I’ve already patented this system and plan to release it as a “How To Travel” Kindle book later this summer. Yeah, I just made a million.

 4-8-11 – Hey Baby, This part might sting a bit. What can I say, my sis wanted to buy me a bottle for my birthday. We went to a great wineshop and ordered a Cuvee Old Vine Zin to drink while we browsed the main selection.  Seeing all those bottles reminded me of our amazing wine tour bender of 2010! I walked the aisles and had it narrowed down to two bottles. A St. Innocent Pinot Noir and the L’Ecole Apogee. I know how much you love both. The Pinot is hard to get and was looking good, but it was an 08 and we both know that 02 and 06 were the years for Pinot in the Willamette Valley. So I went with the big juicy Apogee. I will try to bring this bottle home, but I just don’t know if it will survive the family over this weekend.

I love you like crazy and miss you so much. One week down, one to go. XOXOXOXOXOXOX – TREE


  1. Hey lover. I miss you like hell! How many more days do we have left? It feels like forever already. I love the guide book picture, cracks me up. I know exactly where you get your passion and preparedness from. I'm very happy that Adam is up and at 'em and that you and your sis are enjoying good wine times together, but I'm not gonna lie….ouch babe, ouch. Apogee? And I know for a fact that you guys are at Pomodoro's right this second!!! Please PLEASE order me the lamb cannelloni and stick it in the freezer until you come home. The flight isn't that long. It will make it!! I don't know if I'll ever get to eat it again. Please?

  2. mamatuyas says:

    Hey, I'm gonna spend two months living in Peru this fall – I need my system!
    Sweetie, your husband and his brother ate your cannelloni. . . and were promptly sick, if its any consolation. Toooooooo rich for their non-Italian blood. How on earth does a little one like you eat the WHOLE thing like you do?
    Missing you muchisimo,

  3. Wine is for girls. Real men drink Tecate

  4. Tree your post got me ROTFLMFAO.
    i had to copy and email that urinal pic to my baby.


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