Aloha Colombia!

Stevie and I are bursting with excitement. Neither of us know anything about Colombia, or any of the countries in South America for that matter. All we know is that they are much larger than the … [Read more...]

Reflections of a nomad – 21 months of Sprinter Life


Sprinter Life has officially been living on the road for 21 months! During that time we've explored North and Central America where we collected some incredible memories. Through our maturation as … [Read more...]

My Mistake, I DON’T Got This…

Drop off day. It was supposed to be butter. Drive the van to the port in Colon and load it on the ship which was scheduled to sail the following day. Problem #1, the captain of the boat decided to … [Read more...]

Prepping for departure – I told you I got this…

I'm a list maker. No matter how daunting the task, nothing makes me happier than writing an enormous list of everything I need to do, then executing.  After 4 days of work, our list is almost … [Read more...]

Crossing Continents – I’ve Got This…

We've rolled into Panama City, which marks the end of the line for this continent.For those of you who don't know, there is no physical way to drive from Central to South America. There is a 200 mile … [Read more...]

Santa Catalina – The Pacific Paradise

We worked our way to the pacific ocean looking for two things, waves and internet. Both were elusive, but what we found instead was rain, raw landscape, and friendly people. More rain than … [Read more...]

Panama – The End Of Central America

Panama is the last country in Central America and I'm feeling a bit sad! After this we'll ship by boat to a brand new continent, South America. I always have a hard time letting things go, so we're … [Read more...]

Bocas Del Toro – Killin’ Me Man

Hi, my name is Stevie, and I am a hot sauce-aholic. I’ve had this problem since I was a teenager, but my addiction only became unmanageable five years ago. That was when I first tried Killin’ Me Man- … [Read more...]

Aloha Panama – Thanks For Letting Us In

We've officially crossed one more border and added one more flag to the back of the Sprinter. The Costa Rica to Panama border proved to be our most difficult crossing to date and consumed an entire … [Read more...]

Will the real Pura Vida please stand up?

About ten years ago, a surfer friend of mine came back from a two week vacation in Costa Rica with two catchy things, 1) Gonorrhea, and 2) the phrase Pura Vida. That was the first I'd heard of the … [Read more...]

New GPS Pinpoints Sprinter Life Location

We're back in Costa Rica after an amazing week with family in Mexico. We picked up Kiki from the doggy sitter and we're rolling southeast. After 6+ weeks in CR, we're ready for a new country. Very … [Read more...]

Champagne Runs Through My Veins…

Sprinter Life is now ending a week long family vacation on Cozumel Mexico. There is nothing in the world more precious than time with family. Although a very close second would be an open bar that … [Read more...]

Congratulations To Us – We Killed Osama


Over the last couple days thousands of Americans rejoiced in the streets of cities across the US. Congratulations to us. We killed Osama. I find our celebration disturbing.Osama Bin Landen is a … [Read more...]

Sprinter Life Goes On Vacation

One of the biggest downsides to living a nomadic life is that we don’t get to spend very much time with family. We try to create opportunities to connect, but there is always the gap of distance and … [Read more...]