Aloha Colombia!

Stevie and I are bursting with excitement. Neither of us know anything about Colombia, or any of the countries in South America for that matter. All we know is that they are much larger than the countries in Central America and will therefore require a lot more driving.

What we do know is that Colombia is the cocaine capitol of the world and is located at the very top of South American. It is twice the size of Texas. Over the last 100 years there have been ongoing civil wars and rebel groups are still active in many areas today. We’re excited to learn more about the people and the country as a whole.

Kiki was very skeptical when we arrived at the airport. This was her first flight and she had no idea what was coming..

Kiki was extremely upset when we checked her as our 4th piece of luggage.

So far we’ve smuggled Kiki across every border except El Salvador and Panama. At each of these borders we got caught. At one we went to quarantine and the other we paid a bribe to get through. But flying into Colombia we knew the paper work had to be completely legitimate. Sure enough there was an official waiting for us at baggage claim and he took Kiki into a holding area. Stevie went to work trying to free her. We had all the official documents from Panama so we just had to fill out some additional forms and pay $35.

Right now we’re holding up in Cartagena waiting for the Sprinter to arrive by boat. We’re hoping it gets here on Wednesday. It didn’t take long after arriving in Cartagena for Stevie to dial in the scene. Club Havana is a Cuban salsa bar and was high on her list. After a half dozen mojitos and some amazing live music we returned to our hotel room and discovered that Kiki had peed all over our bed. There is no doubt that this was payback for checking her as luggage. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 

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  1. Miin and Niel, Made of Love says:

    Poor Kiki!! Revenge is sweet, huh puppy! Glad you all got there in one piece and crossing fingers for Sprinter!

    Travel safe guys!

  2. haha KiKi, you know she was totally pissed about being checked in as luggage and then left in a hotel room. Whenever your pet pees on you, your stuff or where you sleep; they are saying "fuck you". One of my friends is from Colombia and visits his family often and has said its gotten a LOT safer. He said if you are driving stick to the Coastal routes, where it gets sketchy is if you are driving through the jungle into the interior, its better to fly. And of course beware of theives in major cities and keep the doors locked while driving.

  3. John Wilson says:

    I want to hear about your experience there – it is on my agenda as a place to visit – counting on you to keep me up to date!

  4. Anonymous says:

    So glad Kiki survived. What a world traveler!!! Love you guys!

  5. I recall that Kiki has demonstrated this behavior in the past, no?

  6. Cecilia Paredes says:


  7. Layla Morrell says:

    Oh yeah, she was pissed. I've had my share of those bed pees. Pissed. She probably didn't talk to you guys right away either.

  8. says:

    Welcome to South America. Everything is way easier than Central America – and the wine keeps getting better the farther south you drive 😉

  9. Hi Guys, Congratulations on making the jump. Onward.

  10. Miin and Niel – heard you got robbed in Quito. That sucks! Hope you're able to get the busted windows fixed. Be safe.

    Alexis – Kiki is super sensitive, just like her Mommy.

    John – We'll be posting all about Colombia as we travel through. Stay tuned

    PHB – if you're referring to the time Kiki pissed all over Simkos bed then yes, there seems to be a pattern.

    Layla – see Alexis reply above. 🙂

    Bodeswell – We REALLY hope to run into you guys at some point. We've been following your blog and love it! You guys inspire us. We also dream of traveling with our kid. Lets connect down South somewhere. When are you planning to hit the tip?

  11. says:

    aw poor Kiki!! well glad you all got to south america safe and sound. sucks about the bed peeing but she was probably just uncertain after all the stress of the flight.

    12 mojitos..mmm!!!

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