Champagne Runs Through My Veins…

Sprinter Life is now ending a week long family vacation on Cozumel Mexico. There is nothing in the world more precious than time with family. Although a very close second would be an open bar that pours unlimited high quality buttery champagne starting at 10am. Yes, this is the breakfast of champions. Yes, this counts as a full calorie lunch. And Dammit YES, this is an acceptable substitution for dinner.

I have an excessive personality. If given the opportunity and the mind, I will soak up and absorb something, anything, in its entirety. As William Blake insightfully stated, “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, for we never know what is enough until we know what is more than enough.” I can now officially say that I know what enough champagne is. My work here is done.

My brother Adam with our nephew Theo. What a cute little kid, right! Oh, and Theo isn’t that bad either…

Stevie with our niece Nica. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up. She’s been in a hair growing contest with Stevie since she was about one years old. I think she’s gaining ground…

My sister Indra, Me, and our baby brother Adam…

Trujillo family representing on the Cozumel Reef. From left to right – SR, Diane, Stevie, Indra, TREE, Adam

This trip was Indra’s first time diving. Our dad certified her in record time. I think she really likes scuba. “I can do it myself PA!” Her new nickname is “the cork.” Don’t ask…

Sprinter Life posse keeping it real down under…

Special family dinner celebrating Stevie, the newest member of the Trujillo family. We waited until several bottles of champagne had been consumed until we actually did the official toast. From the back going clockwise – SR, Nica, Diane, Theo, Adam, Stevie, TREE, Indra, Brent…

This just in, I REALLY love this woman.

Sprinter Life would like to give a special thank you to Indra, Brent, John Sr and Diane. They made it possible for us to come to Cozumel for this family trip. What an amazing week. Thank you and we LOVE you!
Over and out – TREE


  1. Anonymous says:

    that looks good guys.
    ps – you suck

  2. Darren says:

    cool scuba photos

  3. Paul Lyttle says:

    I miss you guys, I may need a vacation any one up for sailing to Cuba?

  4. Pinda Hall says:

    Beautiful Family!

  5. Chris Shinpaugh says:

    Cool photos of your Familia, I miss all of ya!

  6. Awww looks like such a lovely time with the fam. And champagne is my happy juice. It makes me SO giddy.

  7. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Paul- Yes!!!! Count us in…..Cuba here we come!

    Darren, Pinda, and Chris- Thank you kindly. We miss you too!!!

    Hogga!!! We had a little bit of a bubbly bender happening, I'm not gonna lie. Hopefully someday we can share a toast or two with you. -STEVIE

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