Venezuela’s Big Surprise

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After being in Venezuela for several days we can officially announce the biggest surprise. The people are AMAZING!  They are warm and helpful and curious. They love to hear that we are from the United States and they are really interested in our travels. 

The soldiers and police are also a huge surprise. They are some of the nicest and most professional that we’ve seen in all of the Americas. We’ve been stopped at every road checkpoint but we have not had a single problem. Unlike Central America, there has not been a single bribe or extortion attempt. After asking us a dozen questions about what it’s like in the US, they always send us on our way with a hand shake and a warm smile. And they always close with “welcome to my country”. 

It’s so interesting to learn about the different people of the world. We are all so different, yet so much the same. Rarely is the negative information we hear about the people before arriving in a country accurate. It’s not until we’re on the ground with the people that we understand who they really are. And we fall in love with them.

Our Sprinter Life crew has been kicking it in Coro on the Caribbean coast. We visited the Peninsula, hung out in the old colonial sector, and mixed with all the people. From here we plan to head into the Andes mountains in search of cooler temperatures.
Me Encanta Venezuela! TREE

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  1. Melissa says:

    It Looks absolutly gorgeous! Hi Kiki!!! <3!

  2. Glad Venezuela is being so good to you. The colors in your photos are amazing. Jake turned 21 today and is searching for his path in life. You are setting such an amazing example for him to follow his passions and his heart, reach for the impossible, form his own opinions of the world around him and to be open to the wonderful adventures of life. You two are truly an inspiration.
    Love you both

  3. LOVE to hear it! We have found so little info on travel in that area, even from RTW travelers it's great to know it is worth going to.
    p.s.. Kiki is looking as stunning as ever:)

  4. Ben Casados says:

    Hola, Me alegro que estan dominando el Espanol!

    You seem to be having a good time. I am so pleased about your impression of the "people" . Way down deep there is very very little difference among us. in our hearts, mind and soul we are pretty much the same. We begin to appreciate this when we press the flesh of our fellow human beings as you now seem to be doing!

    We always have to keep our guard up to prevent from developing a biased attitude from information we get from newspapers, TV and politicians. None of them have ever and probably never will experience the lessons "you all" are enjoying by being so close to the "salt of the earth"!

    Mi deseo es de que sigan disfrutando del la vida y de su gran viage!

    Ben Casados

  5. mamatuyas says:

    I am so happy for you.

  6. Jenica Fonttenaus says:

    Beautiful Photos you guys!

    Thanks so much for sharing……………keep representing 🙂

  7. Greg Lavespere says:

    Thinking of you guys while you're in Venezuela. So glad to hear the people and more important the Police are treating you well. Keep the dream rolling!!!

  8. says:

    great pics as usual – so good to hear positive travel stories and pleasant surprises.

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