Adios USA – We’re Heading Home!

After an AMAZING weekend in LA, we’re ready to give our livers a break.

We’re rolling on 2 hours of sleep and staring at 24 hours of travel. We’ll ride American Airlines to Miami, then on to Quito, Ecuador.

We’re heading home.

We’re sad to leave, but at the same time we’re ready to go home to the van and Kiki.

Honestly, I’m not sure I could handle another week in the USA. We’re both exhausted!

Thank you SOOOOOOO much to all our friends and family who made this the best visit ever! We love all of you so much. You made our month.

A super special thanks to Cyndi. You’re the best and we LOVE YOU!

Now please, come visit us in South America.



  1. OK Stevie, click your heels and you’ll be home….you two are amazing. All your family and friends were so happy to see you and will miss you, but there is no place like home. Stevie, you have a beautiful family and Diane and I hope to meet them some day in our travels.
    Be safe, love you and see you soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post you guys.It’s the only way I can be with family!
    The wedding was beautiful, I felt like I was there, almost!
    Two weddings in one years time, crazy!
    I loved them both.
    Be safe, don’t mix wine with other alcohol, it’ll get you every time(spoken from the bartender of over 20 yrs.)
    Looking forward to your next Sprinter Life post!!
    Auntie Coco

    • I wish that you could have come to the wedding! We have a full wedding post coming up though with lots of photos!! We’re on our way back to Ecuador now….Kiki here we come!

  3. Adios, my friends……….Stay thirsty!

    Nice suit Slick!

  4. Omg. U look like the godfather in that suit.


    Love you guys so much. Safe travels.

  5. Elegance….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Stevie … que paso con los tacones??

  7. Alexis Schafer says:

    I’m going to miss you guys. I’m glad you had a good time while you were here. Thank you so much for everything. You guys rock!!! Love you both! Phil and I want visit sometime May/June 2012. Xoxo!

  8. mamatuyas says:

    Wow. Dynamic Duo!
    I’m so glad it all worked out.
    See ya in Peru!

    • Me too!! It was a gorgeous wedding. We’ll post more pics tomorrow. I absolutely cannot wait to see you in Peru!! I’m so excited. I’m so happy that the new itinerary is working out. xoxoxoxo

  9. Teri Hogan says:

    Bon Voyage!

  10. Terry Buchanan says:

    Yippee! I’m ready for new adventures with Tree and Stevie!

  11. Monica Kelly says:


  12. Jody Sherman says:

    So great to see you both. Sorry I had to leave so early. But I left you in the Kerri’s capable hands.

  13. Cyndi Lou says:

    We are only a Skype away!

  14. safe travels!! soooooo great to see you stevie!!! tree, so nice to finally meet you 🙂 had a great time yesterday! lots of love to you both! xoxoxoxox

  15. Oscar Sosa Reina says:

    good for you guys, I am here in Guadalajara, this my 13 day on the road. have fun on your trip back to Ecuador.

  16. Guy Loften says:

    Aloha nui. Much love your way

  17. Jene Fielder says:

    Have a safe and wonderful trip Home Stevie, and Tree..Its was a wonderful evening,,Hugs,,,Peace and Joy….

  18. Cousin Paul says:

    Hey Cousins!!

    We had a super fantastic time hooking up this weekend. To all the Hermosa crowd – THANK YOU!! My daughter Chloe and wife Kelly loved hanging out with all of you. Tree & Stevie – WE LOVE YOU!! Can’t wait to hear about all the new adventures ahead! xo PAUL

    • Likewise!! Thanks so much for taking the drive south and visiting us before we left. It was great seeing you!!! We love you!!! Next time let’s hang out on a beach in S. America 🙂

  19. Pilar Ryan Crew says:


  20. Emilia Valles says:

    Stevie so nice to see you and Tree ,,have a safe trip and kiss kiki for me,i really really love how beautiful you look in pink……

  21. Brian Thomen says:

    Hey kids have a safe journey I’m sorry I missed you SKYPE me any time love you guy’s be cool! I will see you on the road somewhere I promise!

  22. Stevie and Tree..
    What a pleasure to be able to share such a wonderful event with the two of you..
    Thank you for the kind words Stevie,,and I hope all the love remains, and the past is just that,,History.
    I was honored to meet Tree,,and thank him for his Kindness, and generous heart.
    As for you my dear,,beautiful as always,,and so happy to have been able to participate in the healing with you and your mom..
    Enjoy life ,,cherish every moment,,Know your loved , Hugs to you and Tree.

  23. Zaina Shuibi says:

    Tree sorry I didn’t get to meet you! Stevie so glad to see you! Safe travels to you guys! One hot couple!

  24. Stevie i love that colour on you. where did you get that dress? have a great trip home.

    • Hi Liv! Thank you so much! I think pink is my new color. I’ve always been more of macabre kind of girl into the blacks and greys, but I’m digging the rose too. The dress belonged to my dear friend Kerri who was kind enough to let me borrow it for the wedding. She was a lifesaver seeing as how I had no time to pull the maid-of-honor outfit together. Btw, we are in Montanita, Ecuador now…an amazing surf town!!! Add it to your list. xo.

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