Deschutes River Expedition – Check!

The Deschutes River in central Oregon is my TRUE HOME.

I grew up on this river. My father owned a whitewater rafting business that ran multi-day river trips down the scenic gorge. This was where I first learned to paddle rapids, to read whitewater, and to sleep under the stars. This is where I fell in love with adventure.

It would not be a stretch to say that this river set the direction of my entire life.

As a matter of fact, I still can’t drink whiskey to this day.

Needless to say, Stevie and I were very excited to do a 3 day river trip on the Deschutes with my father and a bunch of friends during our short visit to Oregon. Our 6 year old niece was the youngest member on the trip and that brought back all kinds of memories from my own childhood trips.

Below John SR and Diane enjoying the canyon…

No river trip would be complete without our adopted son Beckett, AKA the DRAGON! He took a break from his real life as a traveling rock climber to join the adventure. It was clear that he really missed Stevie…

Our friend Chris always provides excellent entertainment. That’s why we bring him. I’ve never seen someone so close to pinning a fully loaded raft at oak springs. I was scared for him.


Below Brent and our niece Nica work the tandem inflatable kayak. Nica loved kayaking!

Below Tristan, Outdoorplay’s warehouse manager, contemplates the next rapid…

Kicking it with the coolest little girl in America, my niece Nica…

Stevie and Cheryll teaching Nica teamwork…

Stevie, Cheryll, and Beckett cooking dinner…

It was a grand finale to our Oregon visit. This morning Stevie hops on a plane to San Francisco to visit friends. My best friend is flying into Portland from San Diego, so I’ll hang here for a couple more days. Then we both fly to LA on Sunday where we’ll begin the California visit.

Time is getting short. Just a little over a week more in the States. It’s going by so fast.




  1. Tremendous! Nica can’t stop talking about it! Thank you to you all for making it such a wonderful adventure! I too have so many memories of the Deschutes and seeing the pictures with her arms in the air- celebrating- after making it through the whitewater reminded me of all of our times on the river. I’m so proud of her and grateful to you all (including my amazing husband) for making it possible for her!!! Love love love…..

    • She was so amazing sis! I wish I lived up here so I could keep her on the river. She’s be kayaking in no time. Love you. TREE

  2. Queridos amigos, lindo, muito lindo saber de voces e da vida maravilhosa rodeada de amigos, lugares, cheiros e sabores.
    Estou no Rio de Janeiro e Guillermo em Posadas a ansiedade do reencontro é muita.
    Hasta pronto!!!Amo voces

  3. Anonymous says:

    that looks like another great trip. you guys are having a nice vacation eh?

  4. Surf is dropping down here. Early next week looks bleak.

  5. sorry to just miss you! i drove over the deschutes late afternoon, en route from monterey to mosier.. where i will be for a week!

    are you going to be in monterey area at all? i doubt it but i thought i would ask..

    i will be back there next weekend so we would most likely just miss there too

    aloha and safe travels tree.. love following along on your journey..

    Arlene Burns

  6. Killer- Took my kids down the North Santiam for the first time yesterday. All they can talk about is “Go Kayaking..” Going to cover the squirt worlds at the Weasel tomorrow Know anyone that is selling a squirt boat in the PNW? Need a big one. LOL
    Hope you keep up having a great trip in the States.

    • Hey man, let me know when the kids are ready to get into kayaking. We’ll get them all hooked up with gear! Take care buddy

      • Thanks- I am stoked.. Living on the river has given me hope. Had a great time watching the squirt action, and watching my kids become so comfortable on the river. Check our blog in a few days on the coverage. Oh, 37 second mystery move was made. Wow. That guy had an aqualung. Surreal.

  7. I miss you guys so much already. I’m looking at plane tickets and starting a savings account called going to see the Trujillos. That trip was so worth takin time a way from a boring thing like rock climbing.

  8. I miss you guys so much already. I’m looking at plane tickets and starting a savings account called going to see the Trujillos. That trip was so worth takin time a way from a boring thing like rock climbing.

    • I don’t know. I have mixed feelings. I feel like you’ve replaced me with Senior. You traded up to the bigger badder Trujillo. I feel so small and insignificant.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is something totally special about revisiting childhood waters – they release so many new memories [/maudlin mode off]

    Uncle Mick

    • I’ll never forget the day you taught me how to surf on that tiny wave between city park and surf city! Good times.

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