Inches And Seconds At The Speed Of Light

I’m typing this post from 30,000 feet on my way to Los Angeles to regroup with Stevie. Sitting here on Alaska flight #1021, I contemplate the impossible task of trying to recap the last 3 weeks of my life. I’m riding a wicked vodka buzz, and openly admit that may be my problem.

My beautiful wife once said…

The course of life is determined by inches and seconds.”

(Read Stevie’s insightful thoughts on life here…)

I believe this insight is fundamentally true. But what happens when our perception of that reality shifts?

What happens when inches become miles that move at the speed of light?

It feels like the older I get, the faster time moves. And the faster time moves, the more things I try to cram into my life. And yet the more I try to cram into my life, the faster time moves. Where the hell did the inches and seconds go?

The hardest part about our visit to the USA is saying goodbye again. We said goodbye when we crossed the border into Mexico last year, but people just gave us understanding hugs as if to say, “see you in a couple months, now go get it out of your system”.

They had no idea that we were embarking on a new life path.

This time I think people know. I see it in their eyes when we say goodbye. When I say, “hey, we might see you in a year, but then again it might be 2“, they get it. It’s sad for us. Its sad for them.

The #1 hardest thing in our life is being so far away from family and friends. It’s the nomad curse.

It’s been a fan-f#cking-tastic couple weeks though, at least from what I remember between the wine benders.

This just in, Mr. Simko… the roof of a KIA has ZERO structural integrity.

When you start drinking at breakfast and you’re hanging out with the right people, anything is possible. Only a V.I.P. millionaire from San Diego could gain access to the claw foot tub on the upper floor of the Gorge White House. Thank god we had one with us.

Stevie and I immensely appreciate the family and friends who bent over backwards to see us during our NW visit. Spending time with you has been the highlight of our trip.

We love you. You’re the greatest family in the world!

Now, start saving for the ticket to come visit us in South America!

Over and out – TREE




  1. mamatuyas says:

    Its true, we miss you terribly when you are gone. But we are so, so glad that you are living your dream, exploring the world and “sharing the love”. You are both truly blessed and a blessing.
    Have fun out there!.

    (oh, and see you in Peru!)

  2. mamatuyas says:

    Oh! And Simko! I can see he’s still just as life-loving as ever!
    I send you a big big hug, Simko. You are always in my heart.

    • Anonymous says:

      I love and miss you Angela. I hope we can connect soon. I’ve said it before, you’ve raised a wonderful family. Good to the core each one of them!


  3. Hola Tree and Stevie, regarding your comments on inches and seconds, check out the film The Quickening. I posted a link to it on FB couple days ago. A friend told me once, that she felt as if she could alter her perception of time speed with meditation and consciousness shifting. Good luck with everything, hope to cross path,s and meet Stevie one day!

  4. Omg. I miss you guys soooooooo much.
    Love love love

  5. Yes! What a wonderful 3 weeks. Thank you for working us into your visit. I miss Stevie already. We will see you again…soon!? yes?! SA?

  6. That bathtub shot cracks me up! My house is too quiet this morning. I miss you guys SO much! Thanks for introducing me to all of your wonderful family and friends. I love you. c

    • We miss you already!!! Can’t wait for you to come to S. America. xoxo

    • Anonymous says:

      Cheryl, you are quite possibly the nicest person in the world. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Thank you for running me up those stairs too. If you are ever are in San Diego please come and stay with me and my family! The broken yolk B and B is the best in the Gorge!
      John Simko

  7. In the world?!! That’s big!!! You are so very welcome, John Simko (Adam’s other brother, John:). I feel so honored and blessed to be welcomed into the Trujillo tribe. You are welcome back anytime, and bring your girls to “the broken yolk.” We’ll leave the light on. love, c
    See, Tree…AWESOME friends! xxx

  8. CAN’T wait to see you guys this weekend. What should I bring?

  9. I can’t wait. I’m not saying good bye to you guys yet. I have $30. I’m going to go buy some scratched tickets. I’ll be in south America in no time.
    Again that Deschutes trip was the high light of my summer, not just for the river but for your family… Someday i’ll get that seal on my wrist. I love you both and miss you bunches.
    Dragon out

    • HEY, Nica won’t be 18 for another 12 years. That’s you’re only in. By that time you’ll be about 24. IT will be perfect!
      Love you dragon – Tree

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tree and Simko ~
    Why do I get the feeling that was not the first time you have been in a bath together…hehe 🙂
    It’s nice to see you two having just as much fun together today as you did over 15yrs ago (back when I knew you). Wow, time does travel fast. 🙂
    Stay safe,

    • So, which Nicole is this and how do you know that Simko and I have been bathing together since grade school?

      • Anonymous says:

        Now it’s Nicole Hartshorn. Back in high school, in Alpine, when I was “the girl next door” it was Nicole Russell.

        • WOW! Blast from the past. How the hell did you find the Sprinter Life blog? Did you google “Simko in a bathtub”? I’m trying to help John with his first page google results… That’s really why I wrote this post.

          Time sure does travel fast. Are you still in San Diego?
          Thanks for dropping us a comment.

          • Anonymous says:

            I was on Facebook and in the news feed so and so became “friends” with “John Trujillo”. Turns out it wasn’t you, but the name was there….so I added Tree and a few clicks later there was your blog. I have enjoyed reading all about your adventures. Your wife is beautiful and very funny. I was cracking up reading her bathroom post. You are a lucky man to have found such a wonderful love.

            We now live in Menifee, its about 70 miles north of SD. I have been married for over 11yrs, and I have two crazy little boys, Zackery (9) and Logan (7). They are the loves of my life. Talk about time flying, wait till your baby is almost 10……:-) If babies are in your future.?

        • Hey Nicole,
          Wow, super stoked you found us! Stevie is amazing, no doubt. Glad you are enjoyin the blog.

          Congrats on the family. Sounds like you are well into the journey. We’re also planning to have a kid, probably in the next year or 5.

          Friend us over on Facebook ok…

  11. Andrea Greever says:

    I love reading all of your blogs! Maybe you guys can make it close to Redwood City and Robby and I can come see you. It has been far too long! BTW Love the last picture the Trujillo men 🙂

    Andrea Greever

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