Outdoorplay Launches Carbon Offset Strategy

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Recently Stevie and I announced our intention to go carbon neutral.

Read that post here – Sprinter Life Goes Carbon Neutral

We’ve calculated our footprint and plan to purchase our carbon offsets this week.

Our next big move is to offset Outdoorplay’s carbon footprint. Outdoorplay is our online business and it funds Sprinter Life. Therefore it is important to us that Outdoorplay is a leader in the climate change fight.

So, we’d like to proudly announce that Outdoorplay is becoming carbon accountable!

Here is our plan to offset Outdoorplay’s carbon footprint.

1) Reduce, reuse, recycle – Thanks to our great staff at Outdoorplay, we’re already way ahead of the curve. We’ve been actively engaging in these efforts for years.

2) Offset Location Footprint – We will extract our carbon footprint from the warehouse and office building using Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s calculator. (click here to calculate your own footprint). We will then buy carbon offset credits from Bonneville.

3) Shipping Footprint – The largest and most complicated offset for Outdoorplay is clearly shipping. We send tens of thousands of packages around the country and world. For this effort we’ve partnered with Green Shipping. This amazing company uses our tracking numbers to extract and aggregate the carbon footprint of every single package we send. Carbon offsets will again be purchased through Bonneville.

4 ) Employee Footprint – We’re encouraging all of our employees to offset their personal footprints and Outdoorplay will step up to pay a percentage of the offset.

5) Industry Footprint – The reality of outdoor recreation is that we create a large collective footprint. People seldom consider the fact that kayaks are made out of plastic, or in other words oil!  We plan to build a feature on our website that allows a customer to add a dollar to their order total which will then be used to buy carbon offsets from, you guessed it, Bonneville Environmental Foundation. In this process we hope to educate our customers about carbon offsets. We will also use this customer participation data to encourage manufacturers to build products, like kayaks, from recycled materials.

With regards to carbon offsets, we would like to clear a few things up. After we posted our personal carbon goals we received a slew of emails that were both positive and negative. From those emails we extracted several misconceptions that need to be addressed.

The Technology for change isn’t there:

NOT TRUE! Some people believe that we’re 20-30 years away from the technology to get off oil. That is a HUGE misconception. All of the alternative fuels exist right now, today! We could produce algae bio-diesel that would power every diesel engine in the world, without engine modifications. This fuel source would not affect the food supply like corn, would put oxygen back in the atmosphere as it grows, and emits zero C02 when it is burned. So why aren’t we using it? Because the oil companies are fighting it with everything they have.

Carbon offsets are a scam:

NOT TRUE! There are some shady companies taking advantage of the carbon offset market. But to say the entire thing is a scam is way off base. There are dozens of highly reputable non-profit foundations selling carbon offsets. We have partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation. They are fully vetted and used by the most reputable companies like Patagonia and REI. All investments are evaluated and certified by the following independent third parties…



Carbon offsets are just a justification to use more:

NOT TRUE! We 100% agree that the first step should be to reduce, reuse, and recycle. But the reality is that you cannot reduce to zero. Carbon offsets are a GREAT way to offset your remaining footprint. Carbon offsets are invested in clean energy like solar and wind power. The clean energy companies do not receive the subsidies that coal and oil companies do and therefore they cannot compete. This creates a vicious cycle of dependence on oil and we are not given alternative fuel sources. This is of course exactly what the oil companies want. But our collective investments in carbon offsets are allowing clean energy to grow, compete, and hopefully one day replace dirty energy like coal and oil.


We have learned a lot from both the positive and negative comments and emails we’ve received through Sprinter Life.

If you have any comments, questions, or insights, please feel free to leave them in this post. We’d like to hear from you.

If you receive Sprinter Life via email, click here to comment, or reply to this email.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We know it may not be as interesting as the drug smuggling in Colombia or the adrenaline tour in Venezuela, but it is infinitely more important!

-Tree, Stevie, Kiki



  1. Aunt Debby says:

    I think this is awesome. I think people should start kayaking to work!

  2. I agree as well. We are in the midst of changing the way we print our publications. Just purchased a solid ink printer, that will reduce up to 90% of the waste traditional printers deliver. Will probably be looking into our footprint as well. Heck, just saving driving in our prius to the print shop once a week is pretty substantial as well.

  3. Brian Thomen says:

    Awesome I Could Not Agree More Gang !! So Go Green or Go Home!!

  4. wow, you guys really are stepping up. You guys are so great in that you practice what you preach. I love that about you. Keep going, And don’t listen to the naysayers!

  5. Sam Drevo says:

    Dope blog Tree. You have such charisma with the pen, and a talent with the web as well. I will always remember your paper on perception vs. reality back in the day. Nice efforts with the carbon neutral program.

    Ours carbon emission program is in full effect by locating on the water so we can minimize our driving and thus our carbon emissions. This will be our most profitable year, with the least miles driven.

    Thursday afternoon is pretty crazy for me. This next week is a busy one. Wed. is better than thurs. for me. Would love to get together with you and pick your brain before you go, we just need to find a time/place that works for both of us.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Northwest River Guides LLC / eNRG Kayaking

  6. Philip Curry - Astral Buoyancy says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    great post. great effort.

  8. Thanks for doing all the legwork and making this so easy fo us! No doubt it took time to shift through all the non sense (Stevie). Brilliant!!
    Thanks for the courage to take the stand and to create the opportunity for the rest of us to step up!

  9. Roseann Hanson says:

    Fantastic guys. Keep it up.

  10. Kara Weld says:

    Very proud of your efforts!
    -the folks at IR

  11. Monica Kelly says:

    love this!!!

  12. mamatuyas says:

    Sacrifice of Selfishness,
    Nothing to lose, EVERYTHING to gain.
    We are all One.

  13. Shaun Galanos says:

    This is some ploy to convince people they should just kayak everywhere.

    I know you were behind that Urban Kayaking thing that went around a few years ago.

    Shameless sales boosting….

    Si pero….no!

  14. Beckett Honicker says:

    Yes here is a company that is doing what every company in the USA with enough profit to send their CEO’s on vacation should do. What do I mean by that? If the CEO of a company has the money to recreate that comapny has the money to buy Carbon off sets. Some people just don’t care. Screw those people. The world of recreation is going to be left to the next generations of recreaters. Those little guys and gals need clean water and air that is not f***ed by climate change.
    Everybody go buy a boat from outdoor play. Show the competition what buy carbon offsets means. It means more customers, more money, and a happier customer base. It only shows this if we all, as consumers, buy from companies whos values match our own. GO OUTDOORPLAY! and go play outdoors.

  15. Anonymous says:

    bad ass

  16. Go Outdoorplay!

  17. Hi Tree
    Natural Gas is plentiful in almost every country on the planet and at less than $4.00 a MCF or Million Cubic Foot it is cheaper than anything on the planet and has very little emissions’.
    If politics could get behind it you could have a filling station at almost every home on the planet.
    Safe travels.

    • Hey Mike,
      I’ll do some research on this. I honestly don’t know much about it.
      Hope all is well at GVX. Cheers

  18. Emily Tarpley says:

    we love you guys!

  19. Yo Tree,
    Where are those Snoop SUP promo pics????
    It was great hangin’ with you guys in Salt Lake! Good times as always. Many good thoughts and wishes to you and Stevie on all your adventures and travels.

    Con mucho admiration!
    Tu Amigo

  20. Tree,

    Nice work on your carbon offset strategy. If you haven’t read “The Efficiency Dilemma” I think you’ll find it interesting.


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