To Live And Die In LA, It’s The Place To Be…

To live and die in LA, it’s the place to be

You’ve got to be there to know it, what everybody wanna see….

-Tupac Shakur  


Say whatever you want about Los Angeles, just DON’T say it to Stevie. This is her hometown and she WILL go gangsta on anyone dissing this locale…

I learned this the hard way. As a country boy from Oregon I moved to LA to live with Stevie for a year prior to our departure into Sprinter Life. I probably said some things I shouldn’t have, and that explained the glass of red wine that landed across my chest in a restaurant in Hollywood back in the summer of 2009. But I digress…

Over time I have come to appreciate and actually enjoy LA. This is mainly due to our AMAZING family here, the nucleus of which is Cyndi. She is Stevie’s surrogate Mom and according to me, the best thing going in this whole town!

Owning Outdoorplay means I have access to the coolest outdoor brands in the world. Before I arrived in LA the people of this town did not even know what Mountain Hardwear was. Gucci and Prada were all the rage.  To my own credit, slowly but surly I’ve begun to single-handedly change the trends and styles of  tinsel town.

From Hollywood to Santa Monica, my fashion impact can be felt.

The most exciting event of our visit will be the wedding of Stevie’s little sister, now MY sister! This event will take place on Saturday. There will be much more on this event in future posts…

Cyndi’s son Mikie is my connection to all things “LA cool”.

LA cool is really where you want to be, because LA cool has yet to hit the cool radar. So if you can nail it you are essentially cooler than cool. Nobody does that better than this kid!

Our time here is flying by, but we’re having a blast! That’s all there is to report at this time. Carry on.





  1. Dude, I brought my Mountain Hardware gear with me from NorCal and I have been here much longer than you. But if you want to take credit for teaching people how to lose their LA style and wear “technical outerwear” as if it was fashion, go right ahead. Who cares if you turn all the pretty people down here into homogenous unidentifiable drones who have no fashion sense — at least they’ll be able to withstand strong wind and rain.

    Looking forward to seeing you both!

    • Note: This is why I wear a kevlar vest when I’m in this town. These people in LA are gangsta.

      Jody, please don’t drive-by shoot up my house. I won’t bring any more MTN Hardwear into LA. I promise.

      PS. Stevie has been known to wear a 600-fill goose down Patagonia jacket in LA… IN AUGUST! That’s brilliant versatility. She’s prepared to either climb mt. Everest, or to walk down to the Saloon in Hermosa. How can you knock that?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Every time I go to California I wish, wish, wish that I could have seen it 2 or 3 hundred years ago.

  3. Anonymous says:

    go by our old house 326 29th street Hermosa Bch.
    you can see where the Cizek’s grew up. Our alley between 28th -29th was called “slaughter alley”, my 5 brothers ruled it!
    Our house in the 60’s was the biggest one! After we moved everyone started going up!
    I hope you drive by there Stevie, I know you will feel your dads spirit !
    Love you mucho mucho!!!
    Auntie Coco

  4. I’ll heed that advice… I have nothing bas to sad of LA

  5. I’ll heed that advice… I have nothing bad to say of LA

    • oh ha ha…that Nicholas…he doesn’t spell so good:) Miss you, “Dragon.” I hope our paths cross again. xxxc

  6. when’s the last time you saw snow-capped mountains from downtown?

    • The mountains only have snow in the winter, and you can only see them well on clear days, but snowcapped mountains behind Los Angeles aren’t as rare as it seems. Visit in January after a big storm. -Stevie

  7. Anonymous says:

    Enough about fashion and back to me! We all know the coolest things to come out of L.A are Stevie & I! Between the two of us….we are L.A! You can do anything here, dive, snorkel, fish, hike, surf, ski, wind surfing and then have a nice meal at a 4 star restuarant. It’s just downtown I wish I could hose down with one of those high pressure washers. Yuck!

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