Head In The Clouds…

Life in Montanita has been pretty routine.

For the last 3 weeks my life has consisted of

1) working on Outdoorplay

2) surfing mediocre waves


3) trying to keep up with Stevie’s happy hour habit…

We’ve been hanging out with a cool kid named Koa. He’s a nomad, and a wood carver by trade. Extracting any other personal information from him is just about impossible. He’s a world traveler though, so we find plenty to talk about.

Since I’ve been living in front of my computer all day every day, the only time I really see Montanita is at night. There are actualy some great resturants in this town.

Below Koa demonstrates his patented move of completely smoking out an entire room, in this case our damn room. He calls this ninja move “Head In The Clouds”. He taught me how to do it. But I can say no more. Really.


Although we’re digging the scene here in Montanita, I suspect we’ll be pushing on soon.

The road is calling. The road is always calling.

Blah Blah Blah… Blah Blah, Blah  -TREE



  1. Nice!


  3. Heather Dougherty Acevedo says:

    You are as handsome as ever but for the love of god, eat a cheeseburger. You are wasting away!

  4. Drew Marquart says:

    I love you guys you’re awesome!!!!!

  5. Tree–

    As your attorney I advise you to get back on the road, pronto. You’re getting sucked into the tropical beach lifestyle and could soon be involved in the Latin American penal system and believe you me, that will not be a pleasant experience.

  6. Cyndi C. Morrell says:

    Tree you have to come home right now!

  7. Well, now I’m worried. I hope that person who said he was your attorney in that last post is kidding. Keep yourself and my girls safe. cheryll

  8. Tree,
    I always say, smoke ’em if you got ’em.
    I find sometimes I just have to ignore the “call of the road”.
    That sucker will alway be there, if I like the place I am staying at enough.
    Play nice, travel safely.
    John D. Wilson

  9. You arew scaring the hell out of me.
    I do NOT want to have to come visit you in a prison in Ecuador.

  10. Jesus Christ people! I didn’t inhale. I swear.

    By the way, have any of you read my drug posts?



  11. OMG, that is some really funny sh*t

  12. This is a lot of the pot calling the kettle black. People in stone houses and all that. I’m just sayin folks…..

    As you were.

  13. When we first saw your new ‘do TREE, we thought: man, he looks like Johnny Cash!

    Then we saw you smoking a J and we were sure: Damn, that _is_ Johnny Cash!

  14. It is good to see pics of my guest, eventhough is not allowed to smoke, as clear is in the reglament behind the door,
    haha don´t blame you
    but i will put smoke detector in the rooms that confirm my theory hahaha.
    I hopefully you have good time in Esperanto HOstel
    i would like share pics that maybe you took from the terrace

  15. don’t worry, it was only once! A celebration of our last night.
    We took very good care of the Esperanto Hostal. It was one of our favorite places in the entire last year on the road!!! Jose Luis was a great guy, and Nacy was sweet.

    Thanks for everything!

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