On The Flip Side, Part II

Part II of this post will be more exciting from a ‘different’ perspective: 

“On The Flip Side, Part I,” is all about how broadening one’s perspective yields more out of life. How does one broaden his or her perspective? Change it up, stay in the flow, experience the world from different points-of-view….Click HERE to read Part I.

Well, as crazy cosmic synchronicity  would have it, we had a singular experience that summed up that whole post/philosophy in one night. Here’s the story:

We were out to dinner at a Peruvian restaurant around the corner from our place called the Dharma bar. The adjoining hotel is still under construction, but they have already christened the building with its first piece of art.

Between the bar and hotel sits a magnificent twelve foot hand-carved sculpture made out of a single piece of ancient driftwood, approximately twelve-hundred years old. The wood had been sitting on the beach for  as long as anyone could remember until Cameron, the owner of the Dharma bar, decided to hire a gaggle of local guys to help him drag it back to his construction site. Cameron then invited an insanely talented father and son team of world-traveling eco-visionary wood carvers, Tonu and Koa, to come to Montanita and chip away at the sea-gnarled wood to reveal the hidden mysteries within.

We got to spend some time with Koa–a super bright, warm, enigmatic, loquacious young sprite, full of Puckish mischief and always bearing a big smile and strangely fitting gifts. He was kind enough to personally curate our viewing of the sculpture, which was an artful experience in and of itself.  I’ve added some of our interpretations to the photos below, but the real fun is discovering the meaning in what you see in the art yourself.

As you walk around the morphing animalistic obelisk, the symbols change, depending from where you stand.  

Yet, each image is a universal totem that evokes a feeling of connectivity to the cosmos, the evolutionary web of life, the super freaky natural world of  The Weird and Wonderful. 

(Heh-Hem…Now would be a good time to ‘change your perspective’, hint hint.)

From up above, you can see that I am sitting on The Throne in the center of a massive piece of ancient wood.

The Steps of Life

The Universal Yoni (i.e. what we call “Pussy” in America)

Ganesh! The Remover of Obstacles

Breaching Whale

Tiki and Marikoriko– the first man and woman to rise out of the primal soup, the Adam and Eve of Polynesia



A wild Koa, a young nomadic magnum opus bearing a cocao, chocolate in the raw. After eating the pulpy flesh of the fruit, he gave us some amazing Ecuadorian chocolate in its finished form and taught us how to really taste it with all of our senses…after he smoked out our room.

We had an awesome time recharging our batteries in Montanita, but we are OFF AND RUNNING,  heading to Banos! Next post up will be from the Andes. -STEVIE




  1. I’m leaving a comment for me since no one else is. Thanks for sharing! Awesome piece of art! Keep it rockin’! Muah oxoxoxo

  2. Hey! I just caught up with your blog! I love how you two can blog on just about ANY random experience nd find the universal symbols and meanings within! I hope my blogging grows ho to be as insightful as yours. Thank you!

  3. there are so many many wonderful things travel and meeting new people can do for the soul, and of course changing perspectives is one of them. Koa seems like such a fun and genuine individual – glad you got to connect with him.

  4. I always get behind on the blog as i frantically try to keep up with the filling in of scantrons- soooooo important. can you believe they use scantrons in grad school? as if they reflect our ability to diagnose and treat disease, or more importantly, prevent illness, but hey, here marks my entrance into the medical industrial complex. let’s hope i can alter the beast from the inside-out. im going to need writings like yours to keep me inspired to fight the good fight, even though i already know im going to lose big, i also know the many small wins along the way will infuse my days with meaning. we need artists. at least i do. to tip my perspective in the direction of the ultimate, as i frequently get lost in the details. i feel like you transport me 40,000 feet in the air each time i read your writing. you give me wings. thank you.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience at Dharma. was very nice to meet you and tree. I am so happy to have met you both and been part of you journey in South America. Koa is great. would love to have you guys back someday.
    take care

  6. Hey Kami,
    You guys have the best restaurant in town, and by far the coolest Tree ever!

    take care man


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